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Donglai Gong Level 1 (60 points)
I just received my Core i7 2.2 GHz Quad Core 15 inch laptop today. I was eager to put it through its paces. I have been trying to compile/install gcc and watch some HD youtube clips at the same time. As it turns out that's a very bad combo for this laptop. Compiling gcc maxes out all 4 cores and then you add some graphics usage (especially on an external monitor, which kicks in the AMD 6750M chip), the computer overheats. When the CPU Temperature Diode measurement reaches 92 deg C, the computer crashes, every time. I have crashed my new laptop 6 times already this evening, all due to this issue. I kept an eye on my Kill a Watt meter and it pegs near 85 W (battery fully charged). I think a firmwire update to the fan control unit is in definitely needed. The fan is obviously not running aggressively enough. When you have a 45W CPU plus a 30W GPU, plus 13 W of just turning the machine on, then add in WiFi and HDD, you got one hot system. Intel lists a Tjunc of 100 deg C as their temperature limit. Apple needs to figure out either how to gracefully pause while the CPU hit that limits (i.e. not crashing the whole system), or keep their fans running more aggressively when the CPU + GPU activities picks up in a hungry.

MacBook Pro 15 Quad Core 2.2 GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 8 GB RAM + 500 GB 7200 RPM HDD
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