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Hi chaps - I'm guessing no but ... is it at all possible to transfer files from my iPhone onto an external hard drive (I'm thinking of holidays with no computer and an iPhone full of photos ie I run out of space and it would be good to transfer them to external storage) ... best Roger - or is it 'Mobile me ?

1 imac 24" 3.06, 1 x G4 desktop FW 800 and 15" Macbook Pro 2.2 and an iPod, Mac OS X (10.6.6), iPhone AppleTV and a little Advent PC as well
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    You can't do that with just an external drive, you'd need a computer to import the photos. However, you could sign up for MobileMe and upload pictures directly from your phone to your MobileMe Gallery. Or use Dropbox.
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    Thanks wjosten - yes I've been checking out MobileMe and I read somewhere that with the MobileMe app for iPhone it was NOT possible to "upload'" photos to iDisc (is that the storage bit of MobileMe) ? there's a comment here:


    Best Roger
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    With a MobileMe account, you don't need/use an app to upload photos, they're uploaded directly from your camera roll to your MobileMe gallery. Apple makes this app to view them or share with friends:

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    you don't need to sync the iphone with the computer to upload so any computer will do connecting it would make it show up as a "drive" where you can get the pictures out of it put them on a ext usb thingy and delete them from the iphone
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    Thanks again for the clarification wjostin and Rudegar - that's a pretty good way around it - there's always a PC around somewhere - in an hotel or whatever ... Roger
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    Maybe the Coolmuster iPhone iPad iPod to computer transfer can help you.