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    OK Have run all of the updates, uninstalled and reinstalled 64 bit itunes, and STILL NO ABILITY TO SYNC MY IPOD. Will not even restore from a back up. Am officially finished with Apple. Will not even try again with the iPad2. Just taking all of this s**t back and calling it good.

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    Hi all,

    I believe I have found a number of issues regarding the 10.2 with iPad/iPhone syncing with the 4.2.1. I was experiencing breaks in syncing my iPad on 4.2.1 to the iTunes 10.2.1 and I resolved it with the following methods:

    a)Reinstall with iTunes Installer (not from Software Update) - it seems the one from Software Update is buggy, so replace it.
    b) Connect directly to your Mac or PC on USB without use of a hub, as some hubs cause connection issues.
    c) Delete the temp data (not your iPad/iPod folder) in user/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/TheNameOfYouriPod/ (for Mac) and C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\iPodName\ for Windows Vista
    d) If using Windows install Windows SP1 and reinstall iTunes. This will help with USB connection issues >

    e) Delete the iPod Photo Cache.
    f) Uncheck the Sync with iPhoto on iTunes.
    g) Change your USB cable.
    h) If further problems delete apps that download mags to be read - these use up lots of space.
    i) Also if you have copied over any RAW or DNG image files inadvertently into your iPad these may be your primary cause of conflict with the syncing.
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    So, I did everything in Middleman 77's instructions. When I went to sync, I had 4 updates I had downloaded. These finally installed no problem. Relieved, I downloaded 1 more update with a small file size. No go. I tried adding a few small new apps to my iTouch, yet it still won't sync. I removed all the music & videos. Still doesn't work. Yet, I can load epub books onto Stanza & sync music no problem. As previously stated, I am running Windows XP on my PC. Getting really sick of this problem.

    If the photo cache is in fact the problem, one way to have photos on your mobile device without utilizing the photo cache and the iTunes photo syncing is to place the photos into an app such as GoodReader. I think FileApp Pro also supports photos. With GoodReader, you retain the photo names (something iTunes syncing does NOT do.). You can save the photo to your camera roll if you need to import it into another program (such as a book cover for Stanza). However, last I looked, GoodReader got a bit expensive ($4.99 vs. the 99 cent I paid for it). Also, iTunes photos saves your files in a very rigid first-last order, while GoodReader allows you to sort them alphabetically, which I prefer. Anyway, if you're desperate to be able to sync AND have all your photos on your device, this is a temporary band-aid approach.
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    I finally deleted the iPod photo cache and unsynced apps. I was able to sync ONCE. Then, nothing. I then synced a folder with a small number of photos. When I unsynced it and deleted the photo cache again, I was able to sync again. It appears that the the only way to sync is to repeat this process over and over in addition to deleting the crash logs. This is ridiculous & annoying.

    Additionally, I was getting theese weird "canceling all sync plans... Goodnight, Gracie" error messages. When I Googled it, I came to this forum:

    It seems that Apple has had these same problems in the past with previous versions of iTunes. Has anyone gotten a response from Apple yet about what they are doing to fix this issue?
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