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iTunes 10.2 tells me that episodes of Derren Brown's Science Of... were not copied to my iPhone because they "cannot be played on this iPhone",

However the last build had copied these over happily and they played just fine...

A further weirdness was that it initially reported two episodes that could not be copied to the iPhone. When I unchecked these and synced again it decided that another episode was now incompatible, and it then repeated this process until I had unchecked all the episodes of the series.

So... before I file a bug report, can anyone else confirm they are seeing similar odd behaviour with the latest build?


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    Further investigation shows the podcast subscription has been renamed and the feed has changed (it is now split in three - grr) and all the episodes concerned reissued at higher/non-iPhone compatible quality.

    I now have unwanted, duplicate, HD(ish) versions, but at least I now know why it was happening, though not why the warnings came one at a time instead of all together, though I suppose the new episodes might have been downloading in the background while I was still puzzling over the problem.

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    I have the same problem with synching to my iphone 3.. the videos synched and worked yesterday and won't today "can't be synced because it cannot be played on my iPhone"..