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A question for developers - can I link my iPad to the Smartboard in my classroom ?
If not could an app be designed to do this ?
( The Smartboard links to the class computer at the moment and has a touch sensitive screen).
The possibilities for displaying and using interactive lessons using an ipad seem quite exciting, and also opens up a lot of opportunities for lesson apps to be made for the ipad !!
If an app for this already exists could someone tell me it's name .
Many thanks.

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  • PogoPossum Level 4 (2,505 points)
    There are not now any smartboard apps for the iPad that I am aware of, and it would require some serious engineering on the part of the manufacturers - Promethean and Smart (the two major forces in the industry) do not have any apps. Remember that smartboards are dependent on connecting to a computer in two ways - through the VGA (for the display) and for the USB (for the interactive "touchscreen" functionality as well as the sound - and, at least for the Smartboard, for powering up the speakers). There is nothing out there now that would give all of those "outs" from an iPad.

    You would also need a mirroring capability - and if I read the descriptions correctly, the new mirroring will only work in iPad2 to an HDMI source (most basic projectors that are in schools do not take HDMI in).

    Now one nice thing is that the use of the iPad on a projector would make the "touchscreen" of the Smartboard/Promethean unneeded - you could work directly on the iPad and see the results on a projected screen, with much better results - for one thing, you wouldn't be blocking the screen. However, the Smart software as written would not work with that (the drawing in particular would be tough to use on an iPad interface, even with a stylus). More significant is the limitation of the mirroring to HDMI - even if you had HDMI compatible projector in the classroom, you'd have to wire any ceiling mounted projectors with HDMI cable, and that is much more expensive than VGA.

    Now my hope, of course, is that I'm mistaken in my interpretation of all of this and that iOS 4.3 will allow mirroring through a VGA out - but that's now how I read the descriptions published by Apple.
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    Edistorm ( works great for collaboration on the Smartboard.

    The best approach is to have a laptop connected to the Smartboard and have people interacting with it from their laptops, netbooks, iPads(tailored web version) or iPhones (app in the app store).

    Anyone can log into the same brainstorming wall and all changes are displayed live on all devices as well as on the Smartboard.

    Love to hear feedback on how it works for you and how it could be better.
  • PogoPossum Level 4 (2,505 points)
    Hadn't thought of that - you could use Splashtop Remote or a similar program to "control" the laptop with the iPad, and then let the student use the iPad. You're still not using an iPad app on the smartboard, however - just another tool to control the computer's software, and I think the OP was looking for a unique iPad app for the board.
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    The big part that is missing is actually the touch input on the Smartboard to be converted into clicks on the iPad. For that to happen, Apple needs to allow mouse input - via Bluetooth would be ideal.


    There is another discussion started on this. Search for "Smartboard".


    It can be done - I've seen it work on a Samsung Galaxy tablet, as we as a jail-broken iPad.


    Please, Apple. Make it happen.

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    Just saw this thread.  We came out with an app that is an interactive whiteboard on the iPad in Feb.  It's called Doceri (  I think it will do everything you want it to do.  You can try it out for free.  Sorry for the blatant plug for our app, but it is pretty much a spot on answer to your question.  It works by controlling your computer connected to the projector (pretty much just like the other IWB's on the market).

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    SMART Technologies released the Bridgit for iPad app in May, 2011.  It enables an Apple iPad to join a SMART Bridgit conference.  Within the conference the Apple iPad can they be used to temporarily take control of any shared computer, just like other participants who are using desktop or laptop computers.  It can also temporarily take control of the comptuer which is connected to a SMARTBoard. 


    For more information and to download the Bridgit for iPad app, please visit this page on the Apple iTunes website:




    Ian Berg

    Technical Support


    Contact Support:

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    That's not the part that's missing - has nothing to do with allowing mouse input vs touch input (well, not nothing, but that's really not the problem). Right now the iPad has only one port, but an IWB has two outputs - the VGA for the projector and the USB for the touchscreen input. If the iPad is conneting to the VGA cable, it can't connect to the smartboard itself.

  • PogoPossum Level 4 (2,505 points)

    That looks like a nice app, but it's really not an iPad app for a Smartboard, which is what the OP wanted. It seems to work the same as any other app (like Splashtop) for controlling a computer which happnes to be connected to the board.

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    It is possible to use Smart Notebook Express in a web browser to open Smart Notebook files from any web browser.  Unfortunately, it uses flash.  If iPad would allow flash, you should be able to use Smart Notebook express to interact with your smartboard.


    Just go to and see for yourself... although it's still under beta development and I do believe it's been down a few times in the past.

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    I would like to be able to use my iPad apps on a smartboard so the kids could interact with them, like for Star Walk or anything similar.

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    You can't - as this thread explains, there is no way to run the iPad through any interactive whiteboard. You can connect it to the projector and have the kids use the iPad and see it displayed on the screen or board, but there's no way they can interact directly with the board itself.

  • PogoPossum Level 4 (2,505 points)

    Nice to know - but really doesn't solve the OP's problem. And the issue with Flash is much more complicated than Apple not allowing it - Adobe after several years was unable to build it for the iOS, so Apple made it clear that they wouldn't support it if it did come out ... so even if Apple said they allow it, it would likely take Adobe a while to come up with a working version.

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    @ PogoPossum

    This would be why I said I WOULD LIKE.  With the students I work with, I cannot safely provide them with their own iPad.  On top of this, the cuts in education are beyond painful.  Creating a way where the two could interact directly so apps could be used in educational enviornments more efficiently would be highly helpful.  Also, Flash doesn't run the apps and therefore is not necessary for connection from iPad to SMARTboard.

  • PogoPossum Level 4 (2,505 points)

    Fair enough, but the purpose of this forum is user-to-user technical support, not wish-lists about what products could do.

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