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    Can I remind you of what you wrote as the first reply to the original post:


    >Now my hope, of course, is that I'm mistaken in my interpretation of all of this and that iOS 4.3 will allow mirroring through a VGA out - but that's now how I read the descriptions published by Apple.


    That wouldn't be a wish-list you had back then, would it? 


    Seriously, it seems like it is taboo around here to speak aloud what would be most desired on the hardware we all love. Has Apple decreed this? That they don't want to hear from their users, or have us discuss things that would be most useful or desirable?


    I know, I know... What's-his-face is going to jump in here and give me the link to Suggestions page that goes to Apple with never any feedback on whether your idea is good or not or whether it is popular, or maybe could be better implemented. That is what forums are for - the exchange of ideas for the betterment of all. I find it difficult to accept that Apple doesn't want to hear from its users in this medium. If someone from *Apple* could confirm this, then I will forever hold my peace and not dear breathe a wishful whim ever again on this forum.


    Until then: Apple - Please give us Bluetooth Mouse Support on the iPad. We all know you can technically do it. We've all seen the video. Please make it a reality in iOS 5.

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    Fair enough, but I was discussing whether I had misread a released document about an upcoming release and hoping my interpretation was wrong, as part of a technical question about whether mirroring would be supported on the prof al iPad with iOS 4 (which was not clear at the time) - not idly wishing that something not supported on the iPad would be.

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    >not idly wishing that something not supported on the iPad would be.


    Well, I'll take exception to the "idly wishing" part... This topic of using an IWB has come up again and again... Obviously a LOT of people really want it to be possible. And then there are others like myself that would LOVE to be able to log into my remote desktop and be able to actually use the environment with some efficiency - with a mouse!  Both of these tasks are not "idle wishes" but real *needs* of real users that love Apple products.


    And you can hardly call it "idly wishing" when the thing we are asking for (bluetooth support for mice) could be *easily* implemented without *any* change in the hardware of the iPad at all. All it needs is but a simple driver, or maybe even just a flag turned on, I bet. Because we have all seen the video of the jail-broken iPad with mouse input, no problem.  So it isn't a technically difficult "idle wish" we are asking for. We are asking for Apple to very simply allow it to be so. Maybe spend a couple of hours of one software engineer, if that. They already allow bluetooth keyboards - why not put the last piece of the puzzle in place?


    And if they did allow it - well what do you know... I (and about a dozen of the sales staff) can log into my company's remote server and be productive with the iPad, rather than lugging around crappy Windows laptops. (And no, they would never buy Apple laptops instead of Windows since they are so PC oriented - but iPads - now the sales people *would* go for those!) Schools around the *world* can suddenly be able to use iPads with their Smartboards.  And I bet there are *dozens* of more cool uses that others could use a mouse occasionally.


    How about that - Apple have a lot more sales of iPads and happier existing owners. Is that really something that should derided as "idly wishing" to happen?  Am I and other here bringing up the idea of mouse support on the iPad to destroy or ridicule, or is it to actually improve and make Apple's great products even better?  Surely these discussions should be encouraged - rather than shot down and rudely told to go to a dead-end, no feedback given, "Wishlist" link.


    Instead, I would throw it out there and have a specific "Wishlist" forum and let people discuss these ideas and know about what they would find useful and how it could help them get more Apple products in their company. Because *that* is where Apple need to go next. They already have the hearts and minds of the consumer. Now let us help them, by working like insurgents from within, break down the walls that the old and outdated IT departments have put up. Let us help them by reporting, like spies, the negatives the IT departments throw out as to why they can't chose Apple products.  Let us help, in some small way. That is what we want.


    (PS. Don't take any of this personally PogoPossum, as that is not the intention. Peace out. )

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    I would suggest using an app such as Doceri to control your whiteboard with your iPad via your classroom PC.   A trial version is available.   You could also try Logmein Ignition which as an excellent virtual mouse.

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    Certainly don't take it personally - and I was not trying to act as the police, but must confess I was somewhat irritated by the follow-up tone of the poster (not the OP), who appeared to be jumping into a thread to ask a question already answered in the thread.


    I used to frequent other iPad forums, and dropped them because they evolved into wish-lists (and then whine-lists) of what the iPad could have - just long laundry lists. This forum is about how to use the iPad as it is (and that is why it was created by Apple), which is much more interesting (to me) then just listing all the things it could do. I personally have no interest in using a bluetooth mouse, and dont care if others want to discuss why or why not it should be on the iPad (my opinion - would be nice in typing, but that's one more thing I'd have to worry about carrying around, so I don't see myself using it). The discussion about the IWB is different, however, as it's not just a software change but a fundamental change in the design of the iPad (adding a second port for the USB connection... unless someone could design a splitter, hmmm) - so when someone hops into a thread where this issue has already been discussed and says "I want it" and nothing more, I'm a bit more curt than I might be in other areas.

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    The only way you are going to get a mouse on your ipad is leave some cheese on it before bed. This device isnt meant to be a netbook, they have a product for that. AS gyrhead mentioned, use loegmein ignition, its a great app. Apps are what you need to consider, not a wish thats not going to come true. Besides, Apple isnt reading this, users are.

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    >The discussion about the IWB is different, however, as it's not just a software change but a fundamental change in the design of the iPad


    Ah, that is where you are mistaken. There are many IWBs that use Bluetooth interface instead of a USB cable for mouse input.


    So, if Apple allowed mouse support, all these repeated questions of how to get an IWB to work with an iPad would be answered.

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    Mouse support isnt going to be provided on the iPad. Its going to be up to app developers to address your needs for IWB support. Period.

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    >Apps are what you need to consider, not a wish thats not going to come true.


    Wishes sometimes do come true.


    >This device isnt meant to be a netbook, they have a product for that.


    Yes, they have the MacBook Air which is a great product, and as I am typing this on an againg MacBook Pro, I can tell you that I personally will be getting one of those as a replacement.


    But I'll say it again... There are IT departments out there that would rather take a bullet to the leg than buy Apple hardware as their reference platform. You can't explain it - they fear losing control - or they don't want to learn something new. I don't know. But they will continue to supply crappy Windows laptops to our sales staff even though the sales staff hate using them.


    But the iPad... Now that is something different. Some of the sales staff are buying that on their own and already using it to read their Exchange emails and they have discovered (with my assistance) that they can log onto the remote server with a RDP client (I found Wyse Pocket Pro to be the best).


    And what do you know... The head of the IT department has bought himself an iPad as well - because he needs to keep ahead of the users - and he is trying things out with it. But using RDP without a mouse is clumsy, so he is able to write the iPad off as a viable tool.  Sales are being lost because of the lack of mouse support.


    When Apple realises that giving mouse support to the iPad will not affect their sales of laptops, but instead will start many an IT manager down the road of Apple product ownership - then maybe, just maybe, my wish could become reality.

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    Sales are being lost? Are you kidding yourself? Have you seen what the iPad has done to notebook and netbook sales? And if mouse support is so critical, why have NONE of the other tablet manufacturers included it?

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    I too would like to use the ipad with the interactive white board. imagine Chickionary on the big screen where kids can go right up and touch the "big screen". Please let me know if you have found any solutions to this particular issue, as I see many people brought up other complicating ideas... thanks

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    I just tried the Doceri application and it appears to work well as designed. Basically you just connect, wirelessly, from your iPad to a laptop (or other machine). The Doceri software will be installed on each machine. When lauched on the host machine and on the iPad, basically you can control the machine from the iPad. That includes manipulating the mouse. You may also make annotations on the screen (like a smartboard) and use the iPad touch capabilities to manipulate the workspace. You can also save and email images with annotations on the fly. It isn't perfect, but definitely worth a try.

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    Promethean today (11/10/11) launched its first mobile app for the classroom, ActivEngage Mobile.

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    Hi All,


    I know that this is not a perfect answer to the problem you've presented (I've been holding my breath for an app that can connect the iPad with Smartboard for two years now), but I have come up with another option that expands your options for using the ipad in the classroom. It's by no means perfect, but it's another option. I bought an Apple TV for my classroom (they're around $100) and attached it to my Smartboard. I can now mirror my iPad onto the Smartboard through the Apple TV.


    Up side: there are a lot of cool educational apps that you can use in class (aka teaching geography through Google Earth and passing the iPad around the room so kids can zoom in on specific regions). You can also use the iPad as a document camera by opening up the camera app and then mirroring to the Smartboard. This would also allow your iPad to be used as a webcam if you wanted your class to Skype with someone.


    Down side: the Smartboard cannot send data to the iPad, so you can't touch the Smartboard and have the iPad recognize it. All commands must be entered through the iPad itself.


    So, while this does not necessarily "bridge the gap" from the iPad to the Smartboard, it's at least scaffolding!

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    Forget SmartBoard - this ist postmodern technologie.

    Now we have iPads and can do exactly the same on iPad what you can do with SmartBoards - even better.

    There are nice apps like WhiteNote or Note Taker HD. Writing, handwriting, drawing - no problem. If you want to do tiny drawings a pen is comfortable.


    You only need an iPad and a projector.

    That´s all and everyone (small child or aduld) can use it comfortable at a table without a step or so.


    If you want, you can buy my Smartboard. My one is no longer in use