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  • Mr-S Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Ms.P,


    I'm would also like to mirror my iPad with the Smartboard. Can you please let us know how you set it up? Is the Apple TV all you need?




  • PogoPossum Level 4 Level 4

    This has been under discussion at the iPad educators Ning. The Apple TV will mirror an iPad through a projector, but you need an HDMI projector.

  • antonio fromalquerias Level 1 Level 1

    Please take a look to this APP you can mirror the computar that is connected to the board and make annotation over the screen or control your pc or mac.

  • telefonique Level 1 Level 1

    This can be achieved with an iPad and desktop application called Doceri - A Smart branded Smart Board isn't even a requirement, this software will work with any projector, electronic white board or interactive pen projector.  (i.e. Epson Bright Link, StarBoard, the dreaded Mimeo, etc.).  The interactive board / projector is only required if you want to interact with the screen on the wall in addition to the iPad.....else wise any display or projector will do the job.



    Alternatively, you could use any white board type app from the app store and wirelessly mirror your iPad 2 to a projector / tv so long as you have an AppleTV-2 and wifi router.


    If however you want to use the full potential of Smart Notebook software, and have the need to have multiple ipads interacting with the Smart Board at the same time (i.e. more than one student making use of a section of the Smart Board from an assigned iPad) you will need the Smart Bridget software on a resident PC running Smart Notebook connected to a Smart Board, and the Bridget App for iPad.


    If you're in Western Canada and have more questions let me know, I work for an A/V integrator / Smart dealer with branches from Thunder Bay to Vancouver so I can probably get you more info on setting something like this up.

  • irenefrommo Level 1 Level 1

    If I have read all of this correctly, if all I want to do is project what is on my IPAD to my projector that is connected to my PC, I can use the doceri product.  I project to a smartboard, but only need to use it as a screen with the iPAD.  Do I need to load the doceri product to my desktop and my iPad?

  • telefonique Level 1 Level 1

    Sort of,  and yes you will need the Doceri on both your PC and iPad. 


    This will allow for interactive white boarding and some other features.  Think of the Doceri app on the iPad as a remote control for your computer.  You're essentially using it to control the software / desktop of your computer - which is being displayed on the projector. 


    It can be used in conjunction with or seperate from Smart's Notebook software,so whether you still interact with the Smart Board as well, or simply use it as a display screen is up to you.  You could for example go between having one teacher / student interacting on the iPad, and another on the Smart Board.


    If you have a need to clone your iPad screen to the projector outside of using the Doceri App, i.e. displaying pictures, movies, books, other education apps, etc.  then you have two ways to do this.  1) Get the HDMI adapter and plug into the projectors HDMI input 2) If it's an iPad2, you can use one of the newer AppleTV's (plugged into the HDMI input of the projector) and airplay mirroring.

  • PogoPossum Level 4 Level 4

    If all you want to do is project the iPad onto the screen, you can use a VGA adaptor to connect (via cable) your iPad to the projector.


    Doceri (or Splashtop Whiteboard) will allow you to control your computer, which can then be projected to the screen, and then to replicate some Smartboard features (annotation on screen overlays, etc.).


    If you just want to control the computer on the screen without annotations (a pure remote control type feature), you can use an app like Splashtop Remote.

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    We just got Smartboards this week.  I asked the guy who is finishing the installation of them if they had HDMI ports.  He looked and didn't see one.  Do all new Smartboards have HDMI?  If not, can an HDMI to VGA cable be used between the Apple TV and the SMART video projector?



  • smattera Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunately, it sounds like you've got the UF65 projector. While its great with its 3D capabilities, it does not have an HDMI input. You would have to upgrade to the UX? Projector or the projector above that. Unfortunately the high end projector doesn't offer 3D capabilities. So the mid-priced projector is your best bet.

  • antonio fromalquerias Level 1 Level 1

    If your proyector or smartboard doesn´t have HDMI you can use this box to connect throw VGA.

  • smattera Level 1 Level 1

    There's also an RCA input on the front Extended Control Panel. It might be easier to use if you're switching back and forth between iPad and computer. Plus it can connect to TVs if you want to use an AV cart as a mobile presentation cart.

  • tnethers Level 3 Level 3

    We use Splashtop Remote, we also needed to be able to see flash. Just be sure your connectivity to your Wi-Fi is decent and sign in using internet discovery with your gmail.

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    Hi All,

    I would like to share my setup at school to completely mirror iPad2 (and presumably iPad3) to your non-HDMI projector screen:


    1. Apple TV - turn on Airplay $99.00

    2. iPad2 - turn on Airplay (you already have)

    3. Cables: a 15-pin VGA cable, an HDMI cable, a 3.5mm Audio Cable, Speakers

    4. Last but not least, a box that has one HDMI input port, a VGA output port AND a 3.5 mm Audio Out port (search on I am using this one for about $36.00.


    Here is how you do it:


    Put both Apple TV and iPad2 on the same wireless network, and connect via Airplay (mirroring has to be on.)

    Connect Apple TV to this HDMI TO VGA/AUDIO converter box

    Connect this converter box to your VGA projector (with the VGA cable) and speakers (with the audio cable)


    Pros: No laptop needed as an intermediate device, and any APPS can be used on your iPad because it is a complete 100% Airplay Mirroring. Don't need to buy an expensive HDMI projector.  Many classrooms already have a vga or composite-based LCD projector. This will save lots of money. 


    If you are from a school/teacher and need more detailed help, please email me at


    Also we find that we can take a picture of a page of a textbook or a homework to be reviewed and play it with Educreation or Goodreader over the above setup and all students can learn and collaborate together easily.  Thus saves paper.  You might also want to get a stylus for easier writing on the iPad surface.


    Hope this helps.


    - Harimau62

  • Forestman Level 3 Level 3

    Thank you for your detailed reply.  Is there a stylus your recommend?

  • gyrhead Level 3 Level 3

    The Showme app would also work well for the above scenario.  The Griffin stylus is ok.  I have tried several brands.  If the tip falls off just superglue it back on.