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Recently bought a new Mac Mini. When I plugged in my iPod it said that it couldn't transfer my apps from iTunes because it didn't recognize the iPod, so I signed in. A few days later I updated my iTunes old e-mail address to my Apple ID, because I no longer use that old e-mail address. I got a confirmation that said it was changed successfully. I thought that was the end of it but then around a week later it said the same thing (that it couldn't transfer my apps from iTunes because it didn't recognize the iPod). I went round and round trying to fix it, and finally ended up calling Apple. They said that my iPod wants to log in to my Apple ID account but it can't because iTunes doesn't recognize Apple ID's. This surprised me. So now, apparently, I have two accounts for iTunes (my old one, which I guess didn't change after all, and my Apple ID account, which Apple claims I can't use). I'd like to combine them into one. Again, according to Apple you cannot do this but that doesn't sound right and I'm hoping that I just talked to a new iTunes phone rep. I mean, why would Apple not allow us to use our Apple ID's and combine two accounts into one account? This doesn't sound right to me.

If anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE post and let me know. I'll try anything...

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    Everything you need to know about basic AppleID functions, etc can be found on this page.
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    Thanks, but our Apple ID works fine.

    Our problem is with consolidating two iTunes store +(iTunes > Store > Log In)+ accounts into one.
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    Is there a way to click on an app and find out which of my accounts it's assigned to?

    If I can do this then I can simply re-download them into the other account.
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    The AppleID and iTunes Store account are one and the same.

    Item #1 on the page I linked:

    An Apple ID lets you personalize your Apple experience. Once you've created an Apple ID, you'll use it to access Apple resources that need you to identify yourself. Examples of places where you can use your Apple ID:

    + Apple Online Store
    + iTunes Store
    + Concierge (for appointments at Genius Bar)
    + Apple Online Support (apple.com/support)
    + iChat
    + iPhoto and Aperture Purchases
    + iWork Publishing (publish.iwork.com)
    + MobileMe

    And as for merging, andser was further down the page:

    I have multiple Apple IDs. Is there a way for me to consolidate them into a single Apple ID?

    Sorry, but this is not possible at this time via our online tools. You can speak with an AppleCare representative, who can help you consolidate your registered Apple products. They can also help register your iPods, iPhones, or Mac computers under a single Apple ID.
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    In iTunes if you right click an app and choose Get Info you will see which account you bought it under
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    I just checked and found out that both accounts have the same apps. So I tried to delete one of the accounts. It would not let me. I tried de-authorizing one account. Both accounts became deauthorized. Seriously, Apple needs to find a way to fix this. Something so simple to do is becoming a pain in the you know what. I just want one account. It shouldn't be this hard to accomplish something so simple. I already called Apple last month. They said they can't consolidate the two accounts because one of my accounts is a .me account. I'm sorry but that makes no sense at all to me. Once a person verifies who they are, Apple should be able to consolidate the two accounts - or delete one of them. Sorry I'm just frustrated because this should be a very easy thing to do....
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    Mac on Andy wrote:
    In iTunes if you right click an app and choose Get Info you will see which account you bought it under

    Thanks Mac on Andy.