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I Got my iPad a month ago, and was working great. I really loved it and keep taking it everywhere I go.
The problem is, all the apps that came with it (safari, mail, youtube, etc) keep crashing now. I mean, I tap to inicialize them, they open, stay blank for 5 seconds or so and them go back to the main screen. It ***** because I don't want to download a different app to browse, and I would like to see youtube every now and then. I have alredy reset it, and it didn't work.
Can anyone help me?
What should I do?

Dell inspiron 1525, Windows 7
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    Did you reset it this way? If not, try it.

    Try a hard reset by pressing and holding down on the sleep button at the top of the iPad while holding down on the home button at the bottom, until the Apple logo appears and the iPad restarts. Launch the app again and see what happens.
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    I just tried that. It didn't work. I also tried to reset to the original configuration, but it didn't work as well.
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    I assume that you reset all settings in your settings app - Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. If you have not tried this - do it first before trying to restore. After you try this reset, reboot your iPad.

    Have you considered restoring your device? It is different than resetting the iPad.

    See this article to restore your iPad. You can restore to a previous back up.

    See this article if you cannot restore the iPad.

    If you are having that many apps crash, restoring may be the best way to go. After you restore, reload your apps a few at a time and see if those work OK after the restore. If all goes well, keep the process going. This way you will be able to narrow down which app could be causing the problem.
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    Hey Demo!
    Thanks a lot! I just did the reset all settings and it's all working again. Really Thanks!
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    Your suggestion was right on... I couldn't even get through replying to an email without my Ipad2 crashing...

    You saved me from a complete restore which is an overnight deal for a 64gb iPad..

    I did the "Reset All Settings" suggestion and all I lost was my wifi password and my VPN settings... Not a big deal

    At all..


    Great Suggestion!!!!   Thanks Much!




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    Thanks for this tip. My iTunes and Music App kept crashing so I did a hard reset by completely turning off my iPad and it worked. I was so frustrated and I am glad the problem was fixed with such a simple solution....

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    Yeah!  It worked for me too, thanks.


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    I have this exact same problem ever since i turned on my replacement ipad, the reset all settings didnt work and the restore then starting as a new ipad didnt work.  Im not sure what else to do

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    I had this problem when I installed a few applications.  Follow this step if you still have problems:


    1)  Delete the application that keeps crashing

    2)  Delete the application that is running in the background.  This is only for ios 4 and later.  Double click the home button.  On the bottom, all your applications that is still running in the background is displayed.  Delete all the ones that you don't need especially the one application that you were having problems crashing.

    3)  Do a hard reboot.  Press the home and the sleep button at the same time until the apple logo is displayed.  Wait for it to reboot.

    4)  Install the application again from the appstore.


    This worked for me.  Hope this helps.


    The problem may be that even in you delete and reinstalled the application, the app is still running in the background so you need to remove it first then do a hard boot.

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    I installed iOS 5 on my iPad 1 when it came out in October 2011. Everything worked fine. Sometimes around the beginning of January, apps began to crash. First it was a few a week, but by the eginning of February, most of them would crash after running for a few minutes. Many would not restart untill I did a full reboot. My iPad became essentially useless.


    After fighting this problem for almost two weeks, reading as many forums as possible, I did many things that DID NOT solve the problem. Here they are in the order I tried them.

    1. Removed all working programs and rebooting the iPad - no effect
    2. Removed over 50 apps (from 200) that I was not really using - no effect
    3. Restored network setting via setttings - no effect
    4. Restored all settings via settings. This re-installed everything via iCloud - no effect
    5. Connected my iPad to my computer and did a restore and used a previous backup - no effect

    Then, I remembered that other people were having problem with iCloud and that I had added services to iCloud around the beginning of the year. So I

    1. Went into settings >> iCloud and disabled every iCloud service except the Find my iPad service. I rebooted my iPad and I have been crash free for three days.


    So the problem IS iCloud.


    Apple knows that there are other problems with iCloud and plans to fix it in the next release 5.0.2. In the meantime, try my solution and report to this forum if it works for you too.

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    If you update to iOS 5.1 and re-activate your iCloud services. Please let us know if your apps are still crashing.

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    I'm curious if you are still having this problem.  I recently upgraded from the iPad 1 to the iPad 3 and am having severe application crashing issues when I have iCloud services turned on.  This is very frustrating since my iPad 1 was stable and I use this device at work every day.  Interestingly, my iPhone 4S is stable as a rock with all the iCloud features enabled.

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    I restored the iPad 1 with the original crashing problems to give to my sister and bought an iPad 3 and have not activated iCloud on either except for the Find-my-iPad feature. I do not want to risk it, just yet. I do my backup via my desktop.

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