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    Sony NEX-3 and Sony NEX-5
  • iPadKisser Level 1 (10 points)
    I think these are for Special cams not for regular usage.
  • Kilgore-Trout Level 7 (30,667 points)
    And the iPad2 is, from the standpoint of photo/video, not for "regular usage". Its not a camera. The camera function was added specifically for video based communication, not for snap shots.

    If you need a point and shoot camera, buy one.
  • iPadKisser Level 1 (10 points)
    Very useful reply, yet am not convinced. Maybe the short future will prove for you .
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    +"Thats sad, i dont think there is a real camera with no flash."+

    A bit of research on your part would show that many 'real' i.e. pro SLRs and DSLRs come without a built in flash. Take a look at the top end Canon range such as the EOS1D and EOS5D to name but a few.

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    Now thats too deep for me, i asked simple ques. Cam always with flash, atleast , the vast of majority are with it, supposed, meant and originally with it.
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    And those devices are designed for still photography. The iPad isn't.
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    This is the definitive response to all lame explanations of why the iPad doesn't have at least an LED flash for the camera:


    "(Many) SLR's don't have built-in flashes"


    - Duh, but that's comparing apples to oranges. ALL SLRs that are designed with no built-in flash are equipped with 'shoes' that support a huge array of flash devices and are intended to be used with flashes. The lack of built-in flash has more to do with versatility than intended use.


    Speaking of intended use:


    "The camera was added specifically for video chats"


    Nonsense. The iPad wouldn't have a rear facing camera if that were the case. iPad commercials tout the use of the installed still image software as a feature, so at least Apple thought consumers would use the camera as, well....a camera. Even if that were true, the iPad should have an LED that stays on (as a user option) so that web cam sessions provide clear, well-lit images.


    So why doesn't the iPad come with an LED flash (or two)? Power consumption. Apple knows that iPad users take a hella lot of pics, and decent LEDs use a fair amount of power. Additionally, a pair of LEDs might shave .000004% from Apple's margin, and they can't have that.


    In short, the lack of flash/LED is a shortcoming, not a 'non-feature because the device wasn't intended to be used as a camera".


    As it stands, the iPad's cameras are very, very poor and close to unusable as either a still camera or as a video camera for web cam chats. Even the puniest smart phones have built-in was simply a bad decision on Apples's part not to include a flash (or two).


    I love my iPad, but I'm not going to defend every decision Apple makes regarding the device as some people seem compelled to do.

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    In case you didn't notice, you are responding to a post and thread that is almost 5 years old. What did you want to know?

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