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Hello all,

I recently bought a new 30gb video iPod and when I connect my iPod to my computer, the "Do Not Disconnect" message appears on the ipod with the flashing slash circle. It won't stop doing that and it's not updating, and iTunes won't allow me to select "File > Update iPod" because it's greyed out. Anyone who could shed some light on this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.


IBM Thinkpad, Windows XP
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    trust me this is a widespread problem. I am currently suffering form the same thing, and its not your ipod. a series of events involving iTunes will cause ur itunes and ipod updater to no longer see your ipod. Though many solutions have been offered, there is known remedy for this problem, which came with Itunes 6. Now, does your ipod appear in my computer?
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    I can see it under my computer, and it even appears on the left hand side of iTunes, so I can still eject it etc. but I can't update it and the do not disconnect warning doesn't stop until I do eject it. Any word on if apple will release a patch to remedy this?
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    This problem seems pretty widespread, not only on the Windows side either. I'm running Tiger on an iMac G5 with exactly the same symptoms.
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    If you can see the iPod within iTunes, then you may have it in Disk Mode or Manual mode. Buegie

    With the iPod attached and seen in iTunes, check in: Edit=>Prferences=>'iPod' tab and select the method of syncing you prefer.

    Reset Your iPod to get out of Disk Mode.
    Also See: How to Transfer Music Between the Computer and iPod
    And: Transfer music manually

    The iPod offers three ways to transfer music from your computer. You can select one of the following update modes from the iPod Preferences menu in iTunes (Edit=>Preferences=>'iPod' tab):
    1) Automatically update all songs and playlists. This is the default mode, in which your entire music library, including playlists, is automatically synced to your iPod. If the music library on your computer exceeds the iPod storage capacity, you are prompted to select a different update method.
    2) Automatically update selected playlists only. With this option, iTunes automatically copies the playlists you have selected to the iPod when you connect it to the computer.
    3) Manually manage songs and playlists. You can also choose to transfer music to the iPod manually. This allows you to drag and drop individual songs and playlists from iTunes to the iPod.

    Post back if this does not help.
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    if itunes can't see the ipod, then the Ipod tab in preferences will be entirely blank but for the message "no ipod connected," so this suggestion really doesn't help.

    Oddly enough, my roommate's laptop, which has the same operating system as my desktop and is using the same version of itunes, can see my ipod just fine.

    Has anyone heard what Apple intends to do about this, or is this just some sinister ploy of theirs to bully us all into buying latest-generation ipods?
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    and they were not helpful. First, they had me go through everything on the support articles all over again, which I had already tried before calling them. Then They put me on hold while supposedly transferring me to someone higher-up, and my phone-battery died about then. I tried calling back today, within their business hours, and they just dropped my call.

    nothing on the support pages seems to fix this problem once it's hit, either. Has anyone found anything that actually works?
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    1) You're threadjacking a topic intended to help another. Not a good thing to do.

    2) You do not have the same issue as the original poster. Start another topic.

    3) If your iPod can work on another PC, it's an issue with your PC, not the iPod or iTunes. You got it mucked up somehow. Either post something constructive for us to help you with or live with it.

    4) Apple will do nothing as it's your issue with something on your own PC that is causing the problem. You cannot expect Apple to diagnose and fix a problem that is not of their making.

    5) Sinister ploy? Right. I bet if you ran your car until the oil dried up to sludge, you would blame the auto industry for making a faulty product. If you PC gets buggy, then problems happen. Fix it yourself, ask us for help, or pay to have someone else fix it for you.

    6) If all you plan to do is gripe and rant, then little help from us users will be forthcoming. We have better things to do with our time.

    7) Read This
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    Well Said Beugie!
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    Nope Nothing. And I can't help but being a little angry myself, not because my iPod won't work, but because Apple has created a system in which it is nearly impossible to get productive help without spending a huge amount of time trying to remedy the problem. On a different note, this problem rarely occurred with the previous verisons of iTunes. For me, my iPod does not even appear in iTunes, so there is no eject button. Does anybody have any solution for this?
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    i've got the same **** problem. ipod wont appear in my computer nor will it appear in itunes. apple won't even help you with this and will tell you do different steps which are a waste of time and do absolutely nothing. i think the only solution is going back to an older version of itunes. but that probably wont even work. so basically you are stuck with the music you currenlty have on your ipod and you cant add anymore to it. thanks apple.