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I have been given a receipt for some trashy apps that I have no bought. I contacted Apple Support more than 30 hours ago and have had no response at all. I changed my password and security question AND GUESS WHAT? That's right, another receipt for some more trashy apps from the same developers.

List of apps (receipt received yesterday):

True Mirror + Clock + Zoom, v1.1, Developer: Gang Li (4+)
Message Board, v1.0, Developer: cai cai (4+)
SOS Flashlight Pro, v1.0, Developer: Gang Li (4+)
Camera One : ALL-IN-1, v3.9, Developer: John Smith|298952006 (4+)
Video Panorama, v2.0, Developer: Henry Lanman (4+)
HD Camera - Double Resolution, v2.4, Developer: Henry Lanman (4+)
Telescope - Night Vision, v1.6, Developer: Shawn Lin (4+)
LOMO Camera, v1.7, Developer: Shawn Lin (4+)
LOMO Style, v1.2, Developer: John Smith|298952006 (4+)
Action Freeze, v1.1, Developer: Henry Lanman (4+)

new receipt apps (receipt received today):

Night Shot, v3.9, Developer: John Smith|298952006 (4+)
IQ Test - Original, v1.5, Developer: Shawn Lin (4+)
Holiday Camera - For St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's day & Christmas, v2.7, Developer: John Smith|298952006 (4+)
Old Photo, v1.0, Developer: cai cai (4+)

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    Have you checked your credit card to see whether the payments have been deducted? If so, let your credit card company know that you may have been the victim of fraud.

    At what point did you change your password - receipts received today may refer to transactions from some days ago. I often wait 2-3 days for receipts.

    Are you absolutely sure that before the change, no-one else could have had access to your account? Didn't leave it logged in at work? No-one else at home?

    I'm not suggesting it's your fault, but you need to work through these questions to get the issue resolved.
  • Sheza1 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm going to sound a bit like a mediocre school-kid but I do not have a credit card attached to my account, the money was taken after I loaded my account with a gift card given to me Christmas 2010. I haven't myself purchased any items from the store since I loaded the account.

    I know what you mean by the receipts taking some time to arrive so yes, they may have taken it before I changed my password.

    And no, my iPhone has never left my possession at all this week, and I don't login at school. I'm an only child so it wasn't some kind of "sibling prank". I highly doubt someone actually wanted these apps, more likely that the developers are all the same and they wanted some cash & to write good reviews for their own apps.

    Another note, on three of the apps from the first list there are short 5 star reviews for each app by the same person 9same account name) perhaps another victim?

    Thanks for your help.
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    OK - if it's a gift card, have you checked your iTunes account to see whether the remaining balance matches the purchases. If so, and someone has used the account to buy stuff, it looks as if your account has been hacked somehow.

    These links describe something very similar - they don't solve the problem, but might give you a bit more info

    http://thenextweb.com/apple/2011/03/01/apple-itunes-accounts-hacked-as-more-rogu e-developers-emerge/

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    Yes the remaining balance matches the purchases exactly.
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    Then, sorry to say, it looks as if you have been hacked. It might be that the card was one of the dodgy ones available on eBay (no way of knowing that they're dodgy until it's too tale.
  • Sheza1 Level 1 Level 1
    Having purchased the card from a WH Smiths retail store in the UK, I highly doubt that.
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    I have had exactly the same thing occur to me on my itunes account, I have no credit card linked to the account and log in very infrequently in fairness, yesterday after visiting the high st, I loaded up my itunes, to be informed that the majority of my credit had been cleared out on the same apps as are listed above, the receipt has arrived in my email today.

    Had a similar episode a few weeks back, only buy top up credit from reputable sellers, last card came from Sainsburys, did a full system scan, change of password etc after the last episode. Apple refunded my account last time, but is this a common problem, if so think I'd rather return to my pre-apple methods.

    Many thanks

    A slightly disillusioned Appler
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    Did you go to http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/

    Click on "iTunes Store Account and Billing", then "Account Security" and there is an email link - they say you'll get a response within 24hrs.

    If that's the link you already emailed, then disregard this, sorry.