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I have been given a receipt for some trashy apps that I have no bought. I contacted Apple Support more than 30 hours ago and have had no response at all. I changed my password and security question AND GUESS WHAT? That's right, another receipt for some more trashy apps from the same developers.

List of apps (receipt received yesterday):

True Mirror + Clock + Zoom, v1.1, Developer: Gang Li (4+)
Message Board, v1.0, Developer: cai cai (4+)
SOS Flashlight Pro, v1.0, Developer: Gang Li (4+)
Camera One : ALL-IN-1, v3.9, Developer: John Smith|298952006 (4+)
Video Panorama, v2.0, Developer: Henry Lanman (4+)
HD Camera - Double Resolution, v2.4, Developer: Henry Lanman (4+)
Telescope - Night Vision, v1.6, Developer: Shawn Lin (4+)
LOMO Camera, v1.7, Developer: Shawn Lin (4+)
LOMO Style, v1.2, Developer: John Smith|298952006 (4+)
Action Freeze, v1.1, Developer: Henry Lanman (4+)

new receipt apps (receipt received today):

Night Shot, v3.9, Developer: John Smith|298952006 (4+)
IQ Test - Original, v1.5, Developer: Shawn Lin (4+)
Holiday Camera - For St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's day & Christmas, v2.7, Developer: John Smith|298952006 (4+)
Old Photo, v1.0, Developer: cai cai (4+)

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