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I've just installed Microsoft Office 2011 on 16 Mac Pros running OS X 10.5 (not server)

Each machine has 10 users.

I would ideally like Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint to load up automatically on a new blank page on each user on each machine WITHOUT having to go through the "welcome screens"...i.e.


- The "Enter the following information to personalize your copy...." screen
- The "Keep Office to Mac up to date" screen
- The "What's new in Word:mac" screen
- And the "Word Document Gallery" screen.

Are there some preference files I can copy to each user from the Admin account or something similar? There must be a way so that I don't have to go through registering each user on each computer (i.e. 160 times).

Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can pass on.



Mac Pro suite, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Office 2011 updated to most recent version