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I just bought my iPod Classic 2 weeks ago. It worked fine up until the other day. If I go an choose a song to play it will act as if it's paused and won't play, after a few seconds it automatically changes itself to a different song. It continues doing so until I turn it off. I thought at first, it was because my battery was low, but after charging it, it still does it. Any help, please?
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    Try to make a AAC version of the songs or ablum by left click - create AAC version, then re add the tracks. try that and see if it helps
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    I had the exact same problem happen with my iPod Classic. It was playing along just fine - and then went silent. When I checked, it was skipping from one song to the next. Now I can't get it to play anything.

    Not sure what AAC version is, but if it was working fine for the last two years, I don't believe that changing the format would make a difference. It must be something else.
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    Im having the exact same problem not sure what the best solution is.
    Has anyone cleared the ipod and rebooted it?
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    This issue also started bugging me in my classic just a few days ago, perhaps it is some OS bug, I restarted the whole thing (which was really slow process btw) and tried the AAC option and now works well with those albums, but it took a lot of time.