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Hi there,

I have a problem with my iphone 4. i bought it some month ago (last november) and this problem happened many time but now i'm sick of it...

The problem is that my iphone lost all sound (and it not the switch on the left side). When i try to listen some music, for example, the screen 'play' appear and it go back to the song selection menu...when i have this problem, i need to reboot the iphone many time (4-5-6 times and again...), when people call me, i can't hear them, and they can't hear me, when i try speaker, doesn't work (it like it became enable and 1 seconds after disable...can't activate it..)

I never dropped it, i never used it the wrong way. I tried restore, back up and still not working or work for sometime (1 week or less) before the problem come back.

Some people say that is a problem with the headphone connector, but it is not...when i up the volume "(headphone)" don't appear.

What can i do ? some people had this problem?
Sorry for my poor english

IPhone 4