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Anyone know what happened to the AT&T iPad web page?

You used to be able to go to www.att.com/ipad on your computer and control your account: add a new data plan, cancel the current one at the end of the expiration period, etc. I used to visit the "Add Data Now" link all the time to stop auto-renewal, restart it again when I was ready, etc. Now it seems to be gone.

When I go to that URL, AT&T redirects me to http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/devices/ipad.jsp instead. That provides an overview of the newly revised data plans, let you shop for new iPads, etc. but no longer seems to contain that critical link. When I try to sign in to my account (up top) it takes me to a different web page targeted more towards cell or home phone users, etc. and not the iPad accounts.

Anyone know what's up and where I can still control my account using my computer & not the iPad itself?


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