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Chris J Witt Level 1 (25 points)
As I have outgrown the power-supply abilities of the Mac Pro 2009 a long time ago, and since got an external 1200W ATX PSU (Antec 1200W) for additional graphics cards, i've been pretty darn happy with the newfound graphics brute force within my mac pro. Problem is, the way I have the PSU Wired has it running 24/7, unless i remove the Hotwire from it, which gets to be a pain, not to mention some graphics cards get a little angry about having power before the MP is turned on. Not to mention at 1200W, my power bill is not showing me much appreciation either.

So my question now is if anyone knows of a way to wire the PS_On# of the PSU to the mac pro, rather than just wired to a GND to keep it shorted with a paper clip.
Already tried bridging the PS_On# to a USB, Firewire, Sata, etc, and all of those turned the PSU on while the mac pro was off, so those appear to be of no use.
So tl;dr, What can i connect the PS_On# of an external ATX PSU to, within the mac pro, to make the PSU turn on while the mac pro is on?

Mac Pro 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.5)