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lonesailor89 Level 1 (0 points)
Does anyone know the reason apple is not allowing the personal hotspot feature to be enabled on the iphone 3gs?

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  • wjosten Level 10 (94,210 points)
    No one here would know, as we're all users, just like you. Any answers you get would be pure speculation, which is not permitted on these forums. You can suggest Apple make that feature available to the 3GS here:
  • bbfc Level 3 (850 points)
    Personal Hotspot is just another name for Internet Teethering, and it is enabled on the iPhone 3GS. You can share your iPhone's data connection either through Bluetooth or via the USB cable.

    However, Internet Sharing over WiFi is an iPhone 4 only feature.
  • lonesailor89 Level 1 (0 points)
    You should really know what you are talking about before you reply. Personal Hotspot and internet tethering are totaly different. Hence the word (tethering) meaning to be phyically "tethered" to something. A hotspot has alway been wireless. You should have replied, I don't know why the Personal Hotspot feature is not being enabled in the 3gs. And by the Hotspot feature, I do mean the wireless portion. If you can't use the wireless feature of Hotspot then it is not Hotspot.
  • ambarsaria Level 1 (110 points)
    may be it has something to do with the difference in design and processing power of iphone4 and iphone 3gs.

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  • bbfc Level 3 (850 points)
    I'm sorry, but they was no need for that response!

    Internet Tethering is now known as Personal Hotspot. They renamed the feature, but just removed the Wireless option on the 3GS. Get YOUR facts rights before you post!!

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  • deggie Level 9 (52,729 points)
    If you are a developer or tester under the 4.3 program you are still under NDA and should not be posting information regarding 4.3.
  • lonesailor89 Level 1 (0 points)
    Wow, you sound like you have actually seen the 4.3 version. That is probably what you should have posted first. Was that it was "renamed but the wirelss option was turned off" making it still only being tethered by USB or bluetooth making it "no personal hotspot". But it really doesn't matter now does it. I guess what the first guy posted was so far the best response, no one knows but Apple.
  • rndperson Level 1 (0 points)
    Couldn't resist registering here just to let you know that I find it amazing that

    - someone takes the time to answer your post
    - this person tries to add some useful info
    - gives a correct answer, given the information available at the time (you asked about the personal hotspot feature, apparently Apple uses this exact same term for data connection sharing over Bluetooth, USB or Wifi)
    - comes back later to add to his/her answer after your first reply

    and yet you manage to make 2 out of your 3 comments in this topic abusive.

    Thanks for keeping the internet a friendly place, I'm sure you've motivated a lot of people to help you out further.
  • bbfc Level 3 (850 points)
    Now that 4.3 is officially out, I'm sure you can confirm what I posted, that Personal Hotspot is the name Apple now uses for Internet Tethering, just minus the WiFi option on the 3GS. Yes 'Hotspot' generally means WiFi, but i'm thinking it was probably easier to remove the references to Tethering, and just use the one name.
  • paulcb Level 6 (19,110 points)
    Yeah, he's on my ignore list now.
  • Inkman15 Level 1 (0 points)
    My iphone 3gs has the option for personal hotspot. Anyone know why?
  • Untmdsprt Level 2 (375 points)
    paulcb wrote:
    Yeah, he's on my ignore list now.

    How do we ignore people on this forum? I've got one person I'd love to get rid of on a permanent basis.
  • gitarzysta Level 1 (0 points)
    Inkman15 wrote:
    My iphone 3gs has the option for personal hotspot. Anyone know why?

    Yes What used to be called "tethering" now is called Personal HotSpot. The big BUT is that on iPhone 4 Apple added an option for the phone to act as a WiFi router.
    On 3GS there's no such option, but the seetings are still called "Personal HotSpot".
    On 3GS it's exactly what tethering was: use the phone as a modem via Bluetooth or cable - no WiFi hotspot.
    Shame on Apple!

    The name of the "new" feature is confusing and it's why some members here got personal with other members - if you ask me HotSpot is by definition WiFi. Apple "thinks different" and named the whole set of 3 features (BT tethering, USB tethering and WiFi routing) "HotSpot", the trick being that on 3GS there's no WiFi routing option - as stupid as it seems this is what we got.

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  • Untmdsprt Level 2 (375 points)
    lonesailor89 wrote:
    Does anyone know the reason apple is not allowing the personal hotspot feature to be enabled on the iphone 3gs?

    Could also have to do with your carrier. I'm using Softbank and the "hotspot" feature hasn't shown itself with the new update on my 3GS.
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