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How can I make my iPhone remember my email address and suggest it when I start typing it.
Using the web is a constant process of entering my email to log into sites and it's intensely frustrating to have to keep typing something that the phone could easily store in the tiniest bit of memory.
I tried adding a Japanese tenkey keyboard but although it works for other words, it won't remember or suggest my email. Probably because it is a mix of characters, letters and numbers (like any email is).
Anyway, the Japanese keyboard thing is a ridiculous workaround to what is obviously a common problem.
Please help, I'm wasting my life typing in this email, laboriously switching between numbers and letters. Yawn

Iphone, iOS 4
  • HuskieN Level 3 Level 3 (980 points)
    Tap Settings on the home screen, go down to Safari, and turn Auto Fill on.
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    This "Autofill" solution does NOT automatically fill in email address even when turned on.


    I would like a universal solution for this issue, even when I am using individual apps that request my email, not just for web pages in Safari.


    This does seem like it would be quite the simple solution and already integrated as a microfeature of iOS but there's assuredly no sort of "universal" personal email autofill on the phone (none that I am aware of, at least)

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    In the User Guide there is a section on page 28 called "saving keystrokes" that might help


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    I'll check on that, thanks Dilbert.


    Regardless, come to think of it I've yet to see iOS automatically input ANY of my information on any given form I'm asked to fill out whilst using Safari. (ie: automatically populate the info fields)


    When is the autofill feature actually utilized?  It must be under a very specific criteria under which things are autofilled, given the metadata of a specific page's field.