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For some reason I can no longer log Into "my videos". When I try to log in it keeps telling me the user name or password is wrong. I know google and YouTube recently merged or something and I had to sign up with google on my computer in order to log into my YouTube on my computer. I have tried everything to log into my YouTube app with zero luck. Why is there no tech help on the app? I've tried every combo of user name and password, nothing. Any help would be super. Is there a way to be told what my Info is?, like on a computer. Thanks owen

iphone 3g s
  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,018 points)
    You need to log in with your google password.

    If you've tried several times you may have locked your account. If so you need to change your Google password and complete the captcha screen.

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    You need to go to google.com and get gmail. Once you set that up, it takes about 3 mins, then you use new gmail account xxxxx@gmail and your new password and you are in. I jut did it and it worked.