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After a Google Chrome update, my system crashed and I booted off the snow L .disk and restored using Time Machine to earlier that morning. The restore brought back my system ( with a few bugs) but I have been locked out of both external drives. I have a I TB HP drive and a smaller 160 GB external drive. I use the HP drive for Time Machine. I have attempted everything I can reasonably think of to gain permission into my external drives, but no go.. Spent the entire morning with the Genius at Apple store, but they didn't even scratch the surface of the issue. The bugs, such as Safari having extention problems were easily fixed by myself, with a reinstall of Safari. Genius girl didn't think of this easy solution and wasted our time trying to fix Safari instead of gaining permission to my externals. I have done Disk Utility over and over, System Preferences -Sharing Permissions and attempted to fix it by command I on the icon. The permissions are custom and cannot be changed. All of my data, pictures and music are on these two external drives. ( the only thing that saved me was my crucial legal files were backed up using Dropbox and Idisk

macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2 gb Ram