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Is Apple Canada planning to offer personal shopping/ reservation service for iPad 2.

Although we were happy when apple introduced iPhone 4, but it wasn't easy to buy a device.

I hope apple is planning to offer personal shopping when iPad 2 will be available in Canada to make the customer experience very pleasant and easy..

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    These are user-to-user forums. Apple does not monitor them. If you want to make a suggestion to Apple go here:
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    Apple discontinued the Personal Shopping program last fall, so it would seem unlikely that it will reappear now, and there are no indications that they will be taking reservations for the iPad. So if you want one on the 25th, it would appear that you'll just have to queue up. We'll have to wait until the 11th to know for certain, though (though programs offered in the US may not be available in Canada, so you may not know until the 25th).


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    Thanks David, this is very helpful.. It's too bad that Apple discontinued this service.. I really enjoyed this service, it was very convenient.

    It seems that I have to wait for few weeks until I will have an iPad 2. Standing for 12 hours in a lineup is not an option for me..