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Hello, My iphone 4 keeps muting. I have tried touching the mute button but it makes no difference. The only sucess i have had is to do a reset all. Is there something else i can do? has anyone else seen this issue?

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    My wife's 3G does the same thing. The mute indicator intermittently pops up, and when it does, the little bar across it flashes on and off repeatedly. Just started doing this about a month ago. Tried a reset and still does it. Not sure if it's a hardware or firmware issue.

    Anyone solved this one yet?
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    My husband is experiencing the same problem if you mean it won't ring when someone is trying to call him. We've been trying to find a "mute" button somewhere to make sure it hasn't been clicked on. We know how to flip the little switch on the side of the phone to turn on the "buzz only" feature, but now all it ever does is buzz whenever someone is calling in.
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    I think the switch on the side is essentially the mute button. On ours, when that switched is switched, the "bell" icon flashes up on the screen, and is either with or without a bar across it, indicated mute or not not mute positions. That seems to work, in that when muted, there is no ring and the phone vibrates only (unless I go into setup and turn vibrate off). In the un-muted switch position, it flashes the icon the screen ok, and then shortly after the icon continues to flash with or without the bar repeated and frequently. So much, in fact, that most of the time when the phone is called, it is essentially muted because the ringer rarely goes off - usually on vibrates. So, something is haywire!