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njah Level 1 Level 1

I use iCal with several different calendar accounts. One is the Exchange account I have to use at work. Another is a personal Google Calendar account.

This works perfectly most of the time: my work appointments sit neatly in the Exchange account, my personal appointments easily recognizable by a different color in the Google account. But. Somehow some invitations, although sent to my professional Exchange account, end up in my personal Google Calendar account. Impossible to drag and drop to my work calendar, and what's very frustrating: the only way to get these invitations out of the personal account is by declining the invitation. Resulting in all of the work-related invitees getting a decline message from my personal account. Very weird for them, because they get this message from an account that was not included in the original invitation. And very weird for me because I want to keep my professional life and personal life somewhat separate.

Any ideas as to why this happens and perhaps suggestions on how to fix?


Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • JohnZ Level 1 Level 1
    I also suffer from this issue. I'm always missing work events because they get put in my home calendar, which I almost never use other than storing the odd birthday. If I refuse them everyone gets a message that I'm declining, even though i really want to accept but just in my work calendar. Once accepted they can't be moved to another calendar because someone else created the event.
  • Paulo1 Level 1 Level 1
    I am also having the same issue except with me if someone sends the invite to my personal email, the event ends up in my "tasks" calendar (a default iCal calendar) and I don't have the option to simply switch the event to my googlecal account (my work calendar). Thus the event doesn't sync to my iphone etc. As with you, the only way to that I have found to get around this is to decline (looks pretty poorly), and manually add the event and then either invite the invitee or call/email them to let them know. I would love a solution to this...I think that no matter what email or calendar the invite comes in on, I should be able to choose the calendar that it shows up in from all my calendars from the drop down, while accepting the event seamlessly.
  • Screaming.Pict Level 1 Level 1
    Yup- have seen that occur too, most annoying when it happens.

    I have a similar setup (personal IMAP account plus an Exchange Server 2010 account).

    It seems to only occur when someone outside the company sends me a meeting invite. This appears as a mail with an ICS file attached and when I click on the ICS file it often seems to go into my personal calendar rather than my Exchange (work) calendar and I am unable to switch calendars.
  • craigmbailey Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same issue as well. Has anyone found a work around or solution?
  • Island Justin Level 1 Level 1
    See here for the current work-around:

    "The closest I have found is to drag the ics file onto the shared (caldav/iCal Server) calendar you want to add it to. It will add it to that calendar. However, if you do this, it won't allow you to accept or decline the invite. Though it will still show attendees, It just appears on your calendar as though you added it yourself."
  • Stewx Level 1 Level 1

    I converted to mac and was so happy, but exchnage ical and email are a mess, I wish apple could get email and calendar to work right, that should be the first thing to work on a computer.


    Hey Apple, take some R&D away from Siri and make your calendar and tasks work.

  • HokiePerogi Level 1 Level 1

    I too experience this issue on a regular basis.  Has anyone found a resolution?  I just submitted feedback directly to apple regarding this issue.  Perhaps if we get enough submissions, they will fix this horrible bug.


  • configment Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem. All default cal invites default to my Birthdays calendar, rather than the one I selected as the "Default" calendar.

  • lzaldivard Level 1 Level 1

    I don't know why this happens, by default invites go to the last calendar in iCal. If you place your default iCal calendar in the end, all invites will go straight to it. I have been reading a lot of posts and it has been this way since 2008.


    Hope it helps...

  • cpharvey65 Level 1 Level 1

    Same here. Some invites go to the correct calendar but just occassionally they go to Tasks for no reason at all. Very annoying.

  • M. Figueroa Level 1 Level 1

    Over 2 years later and this problem returns for me with Mavericks. My Exchange calendar invites are being put in my Google calendar and I can't fix the problem.


    Why is this an on-going issue? Why don't invites sent to my Exchange account get put in the proper calendar?


    Some people suggest moving the Exchange calendar to the top so that the app puts all invites there. But, does that mean that any Google calendar invites I receive will be put in Exchange? Same problem in reverse!


    Ridiculous. Not what I've come to expect from Apple. Fix this so we can go back to being productive instead of wasting our time trying to fix your issues for you.

  • Adoliks Level 1 Level 1

    It seems that in 10.9.2 this bug was fixed.

    After update I have got invitations in right calendars.

    Continue testing.

  • Thierry1972 Level 1 Level 1

    In 10.10.2 it is still / again there...

    It is really annoying!

  • fallmists Level 1 Level 1

    Same here!  If someone sends me an Exchange-generated invite, the invite can be added ONLY to my Google calendar (personal) and not to my iCloud calendars. The only way to remove the event in iCal is to decline it, which means everyone gets a decline message from my non-professional Google email.


    The only workaround so far is to drag the .ics invite to the iCloud calendar section, which means it then gets added to the top-most iCloud calendar even though the top-most one is not the one set as default in iCal.

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