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will my mac mini 2009 be able to play region 1 dvd's? i'm in the uk and purchased it from the apple uk website and will be buying the dvd's as an import from america, amazon, and would rather need to know beforehand if they will work.
cheers in advance.

09, running latest software
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    The simple answer is no. The more complex answer is, possibly.

    Try using a player such as VLC. In the past this has been a way to get past region coding. However, I also read that Apple was changing this on newer Macs (not sure what was meant by newer) to not allow this.

    You can change regions on your DVD player but usually after 5 changes it is locked into the last one.

    It's kind of expensive but you can buy an external DVD player and dedicate each one to a different region.

    There's supposedly ways to change DVD players to be regionless. I think this probably requires some pretty serious firmware hacking. I wouldn't try this on your internal drive in case you messed it up. If you bought a modest priced external one you could investigate this.
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    I am not sure how new they have to be for this to supposedly kick in. My Early '09 Mac mini will play both Regions 1 and 4 with VLC with no issues. My HP ext DVD will play both regions, even with DVD Player.


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    The answer is yes however you have to change the DVD region code to the code of the imported DVD, however there is a 5 or so change limit on DVD drives to prevent them being used like this. (You buy DVDs and they treat you like you stole it [the movie companies]).

    The best option that I have used is to buy external DVD drive they cost around £210 to £40 from PCWorld and change the region on that to the different regions of the world. this way your internal Superdrive is not changed.
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    The hyperlink is a mistake not a secret message, lol