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Hi... It would seem something is wrong with either my ipodtouch or your site . I try using the express lane support and I got to the part to add the serial number , which I did but I was given this everytime I try

We're sorry, but that is not a valid serial number. Please try again

I know my serial numbers are correct from Itunes site , So whats up with that ? Thanks

first Gen ipodtouch, Windows XP Pro
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    I would suggest you call Apple tech support and talk with them about the problem. It's clearly a problem with Apple's database, but there's nothing anyone here, who are all just fellow users with the exception of the Discussions Hosts who are not tech support, can do about the problem.


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    First off, this is a user-to-user site, you are not talking to Apple here. If you want to get in touch with Apple for a support issue, you can call the support line for your iPod touch at 800-275-2273.

    As far as your serial number goes, make sure you aren't making a typo when entering it. Common errors are entering an I for 1, O for 0, Apple doesn't typically use the letters I and O in serial numbers. Also common is swapping an S for 5, Z for 2 or vice versa.
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    Hey , thanks for pointing that out . It was an error on my part with 8 and B lol. I'm old and my eyes aren't the same anymore . I thought it was a 8 but it was a B instead , thanks for your help and thanks to the other person for responding to .
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    Cool, glad it worked and thanks for the star.