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h'lo all,
I know this might be a strange place to post this question, because I think I'm looking for something other than iTunes to accomplish what I'm trying to do! But here goes.....
I'm creating a rather large music library. 6,000+ cuts.. And I've already entered all of the details about all of the cuts into an Excel spreadsheet. What I want to wind up with is a library with the audio cuts and the info from the spreadsheet. I can get all of the audio into iTunes, but wouldn't I have to live with info columns that iTunes provides? I don't think I can; import the Excel spreadsheet in to iTunes and have iTunes show me all of the imported data, can I?
So, perhaps I'm looking for another music archival program that would allow me to import all of my audio and all of my data. suggestions?
many thanks,
B myers, composer

Mac OS X (10.6.6)