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My new iPhone 4 asks me to connect to itunes every time i insert a new micro-sim card.
I just got a new iPhone 4 on warranty at the Apple Store, the genius plugged the phone on a computer and activated it for the first time with my Fido micro-sim in it, and it got activated.
Although if I switch the micro sim to a Bell or Rogers one, the phone changes screens and shows me the connect to itunes screen... Does that mean that my iPhone is Locked or Unlocked?

Thank you.

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  • Michael Black Level 7 (20,421 points)
    My understanding was that you only got an unlocked phone from the Apple store in Canada if you specifically asked for one, and paid the premium price for it.
  • mgs911 Level 1 (0 points)
    Okay how should i know if its unlocked or not if its giving me a connect to itunes screen every time i want to put another micro sim?

    I looked on forums to know how to determine if its unlocked or not and all i found was "check the receipt" unfortunately I dont have any receipts because it was on warranty... is there any other way?

  • brendan002 Level 3 (550 points)
    My unlocked phone just searches for a second then the new carrier is shown. No need for itunes at all, what would be the use of that. It certainly sounds locked.
  • wjosten Level 10 (94,210 points)
    I seen this behavior before with officially unlocked phones. A fix is to restore your phone from your most recent backup with a sim inserted other than a Fido sim. If officially unlocked, the restore should complete successfully and you won't be prompted with the connect to iTunes screen anymore.
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    But if by any chance its not Factory Unlocked wont that cause the iPhone to lock to the other carrier?

    I just dont want the phone to lock to another carrier if it is actually locked...
  • wjosten Level 10 (94,210 points)
    But if by any chance its not Factory Unlocked wont that cause the iPhone to lock to the other carrier?


    If not unlocked, the restore will not complete & you'll get an error message asking you to insert a supported sim, I.E.-Fido.
  • brendan002 Level 3 (550 points)
    As said if it is already locked it just won't work. The idea may have merit as when my carrier arranged for Apple to unlock my phone I had to actually do it with a non o2 sim. Not sure you should need to with a factory unlocked one but if it solves the problem.
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    I just restored from my most recent backup and it does the same thing... it brings me the "connect to itunes", but this time i actually connect the iphone to itunes and its telling me "No Service" in the top left corner, but once you plug it in to itunes it brings you to the springboard. The reason its telling me "No Service" is because these are empty Bell and Rogers iPad micro sims with no plan...
    I just figured the process to make it work (you don't need to restore) but after it prompts you to connect to iTunes the sim or carrier is validated, and so if you remove the sim and put it back in it no longer asks you to connect to iTunes...

    Thanks man