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Here's a previous post that gives a history, for background purposes, of the ongoing saga of the post-water-damage-repair issues with my MacBook Pro.

+I have a 2010 MacBook Pro and within a few weeks, managed to kill it when a bottle of water spilled on a backpack in which the MacBook was stored. Sent the MacBook off to Apple where a new logic board, new trackpad, new keyboard were all installed. I just got it back (my work would not send off for repair for budget reasons until recently) from repair.+

+Current Problem:+

+At the local Apple-authorized dealer, the computer turned on fine. I got home, opened up the computer, and used it for a good two hours. I then closed the computer, and when I returned I opened the computer to a black screen. I depressed the power button and three continuous beeps commenced with corresponding simultaneous blinks from the Sleep Indicator Light. The screen remained blank.+

+I held down the power button again, turned it off and back on. This time, I got to the log-in screen when the screen went wild with squiggly lines and then blank. When I repeated the power-on process, I got the three beeps again with the blank screen.+

I was told this was a problem with the RAM. It turns out to have been part of a larger Logic Board issue. So the computer was sent back to Apple and returned after a second repair.

*Now, $1300 and many weeks later, the trackpad on my MacBook periodically stops functioning.* The cursor is stuck up in the top left corner of the screen. I can plug in an external mouse and it works fine. I took the computer in to the local certified Apple dealer, and showed them the problem. But apparently, when they went to work on the computer, the trackpad had mysteriously fixed itself and they couldn't replicate the problem.

I picked up the computer and had it for one week, when all of a sudden, trackpad fails again.

Now, in addition to the trackpad failure, when my computer goes to sleep, and I go to wake it up, the keyboard will periodically not function. I have to force a shutdown and the keyboard mysteriously works again.

Forgive the length of this post, but I am at wits' end with this computer. I've owned and used Apple computers for 15+ years. I've never had this much of a problem with one. I understand that water damage can create numerous residual problems. But to avoid such problems, I though the $1300 I paid was supposed to give me almost an entirely new machine, free from such problems... that's why I sent the machine back to Apple.

Any insight or help on this would be much appreciated.

MacBook 2.2GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Apple should have warned you that you could have continuing problems with a water damaged computer. However, I don't think Apple has any obligation re: that repair unless they specifically gave you a warranty. You state that "you have owned and used Apple computers for 15+ years. I've never had this much of a problem with one." Did you spill water on any of those?
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    One previous MacBook was rain damaged and fixed without any further problems. Others I know, I've come to find out, have had similar never-ending problems with "repairs" for liquid damage to newer MacBooks.

    I understand the residual potential problems that accompany water damage. I recognize the water damage is not Apple's fault and acknowledge my own negligence in permitting someone else to place a water bottle near a backpack without a secure lid on the water bottle in my absence - how reckless of me. But the $1300 repair charge was, I was led to believe, payment in full for my own negligence given the understandable fact that Apple Care does not cover repairs made necessary because of liquid damage.

    In weighing the options between $1300 for repairs and spending additional money for a new computer, Apple employees explained that the $1300 includes replacement of all damaged parts, not just the logic board. And new parts, as I understand them, are under warranty. So my options were, as I understood them (1) pay $1300 for a repaired computer; (2) pay an additional few hundred dollars for a brand new computer. No one explained that Option (1) should have been : (1) pay $1300 for the chance that you might have a repaired computer.

    I agree, Apple should have provided full disclosure and warned me that the computer may never again function properly for any extended amount of time. That alone would have convinced me to purchase a new computer rather than pay a total of $3000 for a crippled computer I can't rely on.