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I'm unable to open http://forums.uship.com/Default.aspx.
I thought it was a conflict with Safari and the aspx extension, so I called the site's customer service. The rep said she opened it in Safari, and it loaded fine. When I try, it never finishes loading, doesn't even get started, then finally gives me the +Safari can’t open the page+ message.
I searched Google and these forums, but didn't find an answer. Did find comments saying aspx can't be opened in Safari, but that's not true because this site opens fine http://www.usairways.com/default.aspx.

Are you able to open http://forums.uship.com/Default.aspx?

Macbook Pro 3.06, Mac OS X (10.6.6), Safari 5.0.3
Solved by OregonRebel on Jul 18, 2012 4:43 AM Solved

Obviously this was a browser issue on  my end, and the link opens fine now.

I just wanted to follow up on this old thread so it can be closed.


Thanks to all who replied.