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Hey guys, Sorry I'm sure this sounds like a "newbie" question but I just bought an IPAD second hand from a friend and was wondering, can I load my apps that I downloaded for my IPOD Touch only my IPAD? Specifically for now, say Angry Birds? IF not does that mean I have to buy it again?


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    But some AppS ARD in higher res hd versions too
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    Sorry, is that "Yes" my Ipod Apps will work on my IPAD now?
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    Yes they will but when you first start them they will approximate the screen size of your Touch and will be in portrait mode only. You can press the 2X button you will see to fill the screen but it will be very pixelated.

    If you want a higher resolution version of Angry Birds you will need to buy the HD app. Some apps will have a universal version and you can just download the iPad version for free.
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    Many of the iPod apps will work on the iPad. Any app listed in the App Store with the white + sign means they are compatible on both devices. You should not have to pay for them again even if you download again to the iPad. When you open iTunes on your computer, you can see which apps will work on both. Open iTunes, click on Apps - under Library at the top left side of the window. You will see all of your apps and it will tell you if they are iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad apps.

    Some iPhone/iPod Touch apps will have a 2x in the bottom corner indicating that you can click on it to enlarge to the full iPad screen size. Quite often, native iPhone or iPod Touch apps will be low resolution if you click on the 2x to double the size. They will work but they may be low resolution.

    You can sync any iPod apps to your iPad that are compatible but don't forget to put a check mark in the box next to the App name if you want them to sync to your iPad.