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    Having the same issue: 2011 MBP 13" i5 with an hp 2207 (thunderbolt to dvi). Worked fine with an older 15". I have an appointment on Friday with the genius folks. Anyone discourage this meeting? They want me to bring in my macbook AND my monitor. I would hate to go through the trouble if this is futile; I'm gonna be pretty annoyed if I get down there and find out that genius thinks this is some software issue that I need to wait on.
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    Well you're certainly more than welcome to bring it in, but, at least in my opinion, it's an exercise in futility. You should try one of the various workarounds presented in this post, starting with getting a MDP -> HDMI adapter and seeing if that works (assuming the monitor has an HDMI in). I wish I could be of more help but this is clearly an engineering problem and not a fluke and is quite dependent on the model of the monitor and somewhat less on the model of adapter.
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    OK guys, forgive me since I am a newbie. I have been reading the through the threads and clearly there are issues but I don't understand some of the things being discussed and just want to make sure I have done everything I can do on my side. I will also note the closest Apple store is an hour away so I don't want to drive out there unless I absolutely have to.

    I have a 2011 13" MBP with a Thunderbolt connecton. I purchased the Moshi Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter (from the Apple store) and a 15' HDMI cable (from a reliable online retailer). I have tried hooking it up to three different LCD TVs.

    On a four year old 32" LG, I get nothing. Under System Preferences -> Display (or Sound) it does not see the TV at all.

    On a two year old 19" Magnavox, I get nothing. Under System Preferences -> Display (or Sound) it does not see the TV at all.

    On a one year old 32" Vizio, I get a little something. Under System Preferences -> Display it does not see the TV at all but under Sound it does see it. My MBP screen will fade to blue for a moment and then come back, the TV says "connecting" and then nothing...the MBP screen comes back normal and the TV stays blank. Even though it recognizes the TV under sound and I think I changed the settings (output and sound effect), I have not been able to get any sound out of the TV.

    I have tried all the unplugging and plugging of power and cables as suggested. Not sure what my screen resolution settings should be set at though so I left that alone. Is my cable too long? How can I figure out if it is a bad adapter? Am I in the same boat as everyone else and the Thunderbolt port just doesn't work yet as advertised?

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    OK guys, forgive me since I am a newbie.

    No stress. You actually tested like a pro

    It seems to me that you've covered most of the bases, especially trying out multiple monitors/HDTVs. I get the flicker you're referring to on one of my monitors (using HDMI) but only after the MBP has gone to sleep. So that's a confirmed issue & has been posted here and elsewhere. Same goes for the MBP not detecting the monitor at all–this seems to be the most common issue.

    Is my cable too long? How can I figure out if it is a bad adapter?

    The only options left to try (going to the Apple store isn't necessary IMO) is to get a different make of adapter and a different HDMI cable. Most likely these won't help (especially the cable) but it never hurts to try. There seems to be a bit of voodoo regarding what adapters work with what monitors or if it's specifically a monitor issue (obviously the problem originates with the MBP, but some monitors work & some don't so there's some quality that works or doesn't. Some people, myself included, think it's a power issue, namely not enough juice flowing from the ThunderPort). I actually have a moshi knockoff that I got from amazon for like 9 bux and it works fine with most of my monitors. It's pretty much a crapshoot.

    Not sure what my screen resolution settings should be set at

    You shouldn't have to do anything to get a mac to work with an external. The way it (usually) works is you plug in the external, the mac recognizes it & your external becomes an extended desktop (or mirrored if you set it to that). You can then adjust the resolution to your preferred setting, although this is usually not necessary (it should detect its native res).

    So to sum up you probably don't have a bad adapter or cable & your cable shouldn't be too long (I have tried 6, 10 & 15' cables & they've all worked the same), but it doesn't hurt to try different brands etc. However, you should definitely contact Apple tech support. The more ppl who contact them, the more data gets logged and the more aware the engineers are made of the issue. Explain the issue to them & what you've tried and refer them to this thread etc. They won't be able to help you, most likely, but in the off chance that they do, come back here and post. But until we see a fix from Apple, if it doesn't work with a specific monitor, you're SoL

    Am I in the same boat as everyone else and the Thunderbolt port just doesn't work yet as advertised?

    Yes. Permission to board.
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    So we're all in the same boat. That's sort of encouraging, know it's not me. But also discouraging that it doesn't seem to work right.

    I'm trapped in a hotel for 2 weeks. The hotel TV has a patch panel of sorts to hook up a computer (VGA, HDMI, composite, etc.) So I trekked halfway across the Atlanta metro area yesterday to find a MDP -> HDMI cable. I knew it was supposed to carry audio as well, so I wouldn't have to bring home an even larger collection of cables than I started with.

    My adapter is by Macally - I'm new to the whole MacBook thing, so I don't know if their products are well regarded or not. It was the only one I could find.

    And, like many others, there's no joy in Atlanta. I wasn't planning on buying a new monitor at home (current one doesn't have HDMI), but I thought I could hook up to my TV.

    My choices are to drive back and return the thing, or keep it, try it at home, and see if one MicroCenter store will take a return from one 1200 miles away.

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    Hey Bundito-
    I feel your pain I've been using macs for ages and pc's before (and during that time when required) and I must say that overall Apple has an excellent track record. This issue will get fixed, probably sooner rather than later. As I said to RLFox184, *make sure* to take the time to call Apple support. Even though it probably won't help your specific problem the more calls logged the more the issue will get noticed (the "squeaky wheel theory" and all that).

    I think Macally is generally well respected, but don't quote me on that since I don't own anything of theirs. With regards to this issue, you generally read about Moshi, Apple and Griffin… along with a few others. As I've posted before, it probably isn't your adapter–but you never know. You may want to try a different brand.

    I've heard of these issues happening while using analog, but you could always try a VGA or composite breakout (obviously you would then need to line audio out as well). Also amazon & some others ship very quickly and you could always have a different adapter delivered to your hotel.

    As far as your stuff at home goes, HDTVs seem to be a bit more forgiving than monitors… I don't know why. I can get my HDTV to work with a MDP->DVI adapter and a DVI/HDMI cable! So you may be okay there. Again it's a crapshoot.

    I would say, unless an external is necessary for work, just wait it out. It will get fixed soon (fingers crossed). If not Apple's going to have a lot of power users (haha) pounding on their door for exchanges or repairs. I really really hope this is a firmware/software issue, but who knows.

    Welcome aboard the good ship Thunderbolt
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    OK, well I called Apple and got my very first Case Number...woo hoo. The guy was friendly and tried everything on his cheat sheet but everything filed. Suggested I bring it in to a specialist, so I took the computer, adapter, and cable to my local shop.

    They did not have a monitor or TV with DVI or HDMI so they hooked up my TB Port to an old AVG monitor using an MDP -> AVG adapter and it worked so they assume the TB port is working (on some level). So they swapped out my MDP -> HDMI adapter to try at home and said they would be getting a monitor with HDMI and DVI inputs ASAP (if only I lived somewhere near a MicroCenter).

    I took the new adapter home but all the same issues. The odds of two bad adapters has to be pretty low so I am narrowing it down to TVs, HDMI Cable (highly unlikely), or the TB port.

    Just searched on my HDTV and found a thread where someone else hooked their Mac up to my model using HDMI with no problems so I am eliminating the TV as being the issue.

    Just trying to touch all the bases. That basically leaves the TB port. Emailed Mac specialist this AM and will await a reply that they picked up an HDMI monitor.
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    Hey !

    I'm from France, and I got the same issue : I only managed to make my external monitor work once, and now when I plug my minidisplay to vga thing, my macbook screen turns blue for half a second, and then acts as if my external monitor was working, even though it remains black..

    It's too bad it doesn't work, because it's the only reason i bought this 300$ external monitor for.
    Maybe I should try to call the apple french call center..

    Anyways, i'm looking forward to finding a solution to this problem : hurry up apple !
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    So, I'm pleased to bring some good news to this thread...

    I decided to go to my genius bar appointment despite feeling like it was going to be a total waste of time. They assisted me with trouble-shooting my 13" macbook pro 2011 with MDP to VGA, which worked, and MDP to DVI on a mac display, which also worked. So, it appeared to me at the time to be a compatibility issue with my HP w2207 and the new thunderbolt.

    The "genius" suggested I go to Best Buy to try the macbook and MDP-DVI cable on different monitors there, which seemed like more of a waste of time, but I did it anyway. At Best Buy, the geeksquad guy looked at my set-up and was confident that all I needed was a MDP to DVI female adapter connected to a DVI-DVI. And, sure enough, it works flawlessly.

    What worked: plus

    What didn't work:
    (although as I noted in my first post, this cable worked fine with an older 15" macbook pro.

    So, I'm gonna have to agree with entropic23 and say this is definitely an engineering problem but as long as something works, I'm happy.

    Hope this helps anyone in the same predicament.
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    have the same issue. macbook goes to sleep and dell 24" goes nuts with "cannot display signal". i´ve got the original apple displyport-dvi adpater. i´ll contact the sales tomorrow and clear this issue.


    this revision of macbooks is clearly a first one with a LOT of childissues.... i should have stayed with my lovly and really perfect MID2010....

  • Elliot Guillaume Level 1 (0 points)


    Thanks for trying to find a solution : I can't believe we didn't get any proper solution from Apple !


    What did the sales say ?

  • Shaluda Level 1 (5 points)

    Just curious...does using a mDP to DP work?

  • MaxHedrm Level 1 (30 points)

    It is more likely to work than any other adapter. However, the issues with the other adapters seem to vary from monitor to monitor, so there is no telling until you try it.

  • Shaluda Level 1 (5 points)

    Just curious about the type of HDMI cables being utilized here;


    Since the TB port is a high performance port; would the type / version of a HDMI cable matter....v1.3 or v1.4? I've read that v1.4 of the HDMI cables are rated to carry more data (3D, 4K, 10/100Ethernet).



    Maybe this is a factor?! Who knows...just throwing in my 1.5 cents worth.

  • MaxHedrm Level 1 (30 points)

    Since the problem isn't limited to HDMI connections, I doubt it.

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