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Hi, my son would like to upgrade his Ipod Touch but is afraid he will lose all of his "stuff". It looks like you can transfer the music without much trouble but we can not find specific information on transferring games. Can you transfer the games to the new Ipod? Will all of your levels and stored information in the game be saved or will you have to start the game over?

He is going to give his old Ipod Touch to his little sister. Can she keep all of his music and games as they are if he transfers everything to his new one?

Any help with this is greatly appreciated

  • lllaass Level 10 Level 10
    Easy, just connect the old iPod to the syncing computer and do a backup. You can do a regular sync if you want since a sync includes a backup. The disconnect the old iPod and connect the new one. If this is the first time you connected the new iPod to activate it you should be offered the option to restore the new iPod using the backup of the old iPod. Just say yes. If you are not offered it just restore it from backup yourself. Restoring from backup will make the new one like the old one.

    Since it is all in the same family, I would see of no objection to keep the old iPod as is with everything installed, or you can deleted some stuff if you want. If any app need to be updated on the old iPod, the password of the originally account that purchased the app will have to be inputted.