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    Hi @PAHU, you seem to have miraculously gotten this scanner to work unlike (almost) everyone else on this thread. How are you doing it?


    My issue seems to be that MF Toolbox won't even remain stable enough to open properly. I'd be happy to use it but maybe I need to locate an earlier version online? And maybe you can help?

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    I don't believe I have done anything that different to anyone else here. I install the software and then open the application to set the scanning conditions I want. Then to scan, I enable the Scan setting on the MF (either USB or Network depending on the model and connection I am using) and start the scan. It works fine from using the button on the scanner or starting the scan from the interface within MF Toolbox.


    As for locating an older version, I am not sure how best to go about this. But I don't think this would be your issue. What version of OS X are you using and what model of MF do you have? (I noticed you've responded to several existing posts of different MF models so I just want to check your model)

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    OK, well I also would like to say that I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRINTER TO ANYONE!!! The copy and print works great, it is a fast and quiet printer, but the scan function is the worse I have ever encountered.


    I updated to the latest drivers and MF Toolbox from the Canon website, and still the MF Toolbox does nothing! I start the app, see the icon in the dock, but nothing. The only way I can scan, (and only one fracking page at a time, with no ability to ceate a multi-page PDF file) is extremely convoluted:

    1. Open ImageCapture.
    2. Select Canon USB.
    3. Select scan to Preview application.
    4. Go to the printer and press the Scan button
    5. Then select Computer, then Color or B&W.
    6. Click on Scan in ImageCapture.
    7. Crop scanned image in the Preview app
    8. Export as PDF.

    El crappo sequence to have to go through for every page! Any deviation from the above sequence results in a scanner error. I can scan single pages only. If there is a better way, it certainly is not obvious to me.


    I tried to use the MF Toolbox on Parallells Windows, but that stopped working. Will try to see if there is a newer version.


    And what is with the stupid requirement that the printer will only scan through USB on Mac?


    Note that I have a Canon mp830 All-In-One in another location, and it uses the MP Navigator software, which works the way it is supposed to. Very easy and intuitive multi-page scanning.



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    Not sure why you are having so much trouble. I find the whole process easy and the Canon software works fine for me.


    With my MF4580dw connected via USB, I press the Scan button on the MF and then select Remote Scanner and press OK. This shows the scanner as Waiting and Online.


    I then open MF Toolbox and check that the machine is showing in the Scanner menu as connected via USB. I then click on the Save button to open the scanning interface and select to scan from the ADF, two sided original and the resolution. I then press the Green Start button. The pages start feeding in and once completed, a Finder window opens showing the pages that I have scanned.


    I am also able to scan by using the buttons on the MF. With the MF Toolbox open, I select the B&W Scan icon (shortcut) which opens the B&W Scan menu. Under the Scan tab, I select the scanning conditions I want and OK the settings. Then on the MF, I press the Scan button and select Computer. OK that and then select B&W Scan. OK this and the scanning starts. A short time later my documents have been scanned to the Mac and due to setttings I had selected, opened in Preview for viewing.


    As for networking scanning, this is also possible and works fine. With my MF4580dw connected to my wireless network, I can use the same process as above. The only thing I need to do is open MF Toolbox and select the Network Scanning Setting first where I can add the MF as a networked device. Once this is completed I then have the option of scanning via the Control Panel of the MF or pull scanning via MF Toolbox.

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    Sounds great, but I have an MF4570dn, not an MF4580dw. I have my device connected via USB, so I press the Scan button on the MF and then select Remote Scanner and press OK. This shows the scanner as Waiting (Online.) So far so good.


    I then open MF Toolbox and absolutely NOTHING appears to happen. Through a lot of trial and error, I have found that besides the procedure listed in my previous post, I have found that this also works:


    1. Start MF Toolbox
    2. In the menu bar, select Canon MF4500 Series USB (Preferences has no option to set a default)
    3. That will pop up the Scan Functions window
    4. Select Custom 1, this opens a window
    5. Select Platen or Feeder (1-sided) (there is no 2-sided option available)
    6. Select Size, Color Mode, Orientation
    7. Go to Save tab
    8. Set a file name and set Save as Type to PDF
    9. Select PDF Settings, select Multiple pages
    10. Go to the printer and press the Scan button
    11. Then select Computer, then Color or B&W
    12. Go back to MF Toolbox Custom 1 window and click Start.
    13. This will scan the documents (1-sided only) from the feeder or if you use the Platen, you can manually insert each page and click on Next then Finish when done
    14. No opportunity to crop each page, adjust anything, just scan


    So finally, I can get a multi-page PDF document.


    But... Am I the only one who feels that this is such a kludged process and and high fiddle-factor? I have never experienced such a hard to operate scanner, with so many steps and no intuitive operation mode. This is like software from 1982.


    As I previously posted, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRINTER if you are serious about scanning. Prnt and copy work great, and the only reason I do not immediately dump this printer is that I cannot afford to go buy another one.


    Sounds like the MF4580dw is an improved model, but I will leave that to PAHU to recommend.

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    The MF4580 does have a duplex document feeder. I can see via the specs that the MF4570 only has a single sided document feeder. There is probably a few other items that the 80 has over the 70 but I don't believe the operation of the MF Toolbox will differ that much between both models, and it is this software you have based your opinion on.


    Looking at your procedure I can suggest a couple of things to make things less "kludged".


    At step 4 you selected Custom 1 and changed several settings for that preset. But then at step 11 you selected one of the other presets - not Custom 1 (you would have needed to scroll down the MF4570 LCD view to see this custom preset).


    So what you should do at step 4 is modify the Color Scan and B&W Scan presets to what you want. That is, what file format and resolution the image will be scanned at via the Scan tab; where the document is to be saved to and in what format via the Save tab; and what application opens after the scan has been completed via the External Program tab.


    With these settings now saved for the selected preset you only need to select that preset on the MF4570 Scan menu. There is no need to use MF Toolbox again. So, on the MF4570, select Scan > Computer > Color or B&W Scan > OK. This will scan the document to the Mac and save it to the folder you chose previously via MF Toolbox and open it with the application you selected, also via MF Toolbox.


    The thing to note is that this operation is for document scanning. If you only want to scan a portion of an image on a page then you should place it on the platen and via the MF Toolbox menu, press the Save button. With the Scan menu displayed, change to the setting "Display the Scanner Driver". This will make the MF ScanGear window appear that looks similar to that used by the MP830 you mentioned previously. And this will allow you to prescan the document on the platen and crop the portion of the document you want.


    All that I have mentioned above is shown in the HTML guide included with the ScanGear download. I cannot stress enough to all reading this to take some time and read the manual. It will save you time later when something does not work the way you think it should.

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    Typo, Step 11 is select Custom 1, which I have set up for Greyscale. Color is set up the same.


    Great advice on the "Display the Scanner Driver", but please note that if you do not select "Remote Scanner" on the printer, you will have to press the same selections on the printer and then navigate menus on the Mac for every single scan. Even after a preview, you will have to go back to the printer and make the same selections again to scan! Also note that the scan function on the printer times out after 5 mins of inactivity.


    Thank you for all your input!


    As far as the manual goes, it is nice to note that there are 38 Cautions, Limitations and Restrictions in the ReadMe-Scan document... And mistakes in the html manual, like being able to rename the display name for Custom 1 & 2.

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    Hi PAHU,

    Your diligent presence on these support boards is much appreciated. But  you seem to be missing the fundamental issue with this scanner which is that Canon's software MF Toolbox does *not* work on certain Mac systems as attested to by many users on htese threads. I am on Mac OS 10.6.8 & am trying to use this scanner via a USB connection.


    This screen shot should show you the frustrating circumstance many of us find ourselves in.


    Consider this a WARNING TO ALL MAC USERS TO AVOID THESE CANON SCANNERS until there are a number of affirmative reviews of these prodcuts in these support forums.

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    I am using a 4580 which I believe is avery similar model with similar drivers with no issues with either method of scanning. Suggest you look within yourself and embrace the true Genius of Pahu. He is rarely incorrect.

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    Hi Zaphod6502, I'm going to go with all the negative reviews on, most of which came from disappointed Mac users, as well as the overwhelming negative feedback from Mac users on these forums: -reviews/B0042D7QCG/ref=cm_cr_dp_hist_1?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&filterBy=addOne Star


    I really appreciate PAHU's efforts -- but he seems to be using a different printer which does seem to be working.

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    Just checked the driver versions. The MF45xx series use the same Scanner, Printer, Toolbox drivers across models. If I can get it working on a 4580 and Pahu can get it working on a 4570 the only other variable is each users Mac OS X itself. I am running a very clean install of 10.6.8 with MS Office, no virus checker, and some Adobe Suite software.


    I suggest your install has failed or something else installed on your Mac is conflicting with the Canon software. Have you tried setting up the software from a clean install of OS X 10.6.8?


    I see only minor annoyances with this printer having read the Amazon reviews:


    1. People do not like having to go to the Canon website to download Mac drivers

    2. People do not like having to manually place the MF45xx series into Remote Scanner mode as the User Manual states

    3. People do not like having to read the online manual that is supplied with the Mac driver explaining how to add the printer driver on the Mac


    None of these is a technical issue with the product. It also does not help to reply to multiple threads saying "do not buy this product". Nothing wrong with the product. So please do not tar the product simply because of your inability to get it working on your system.

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    I'm with Pahu and Zaphod. The 14 step ordeal is a consequence of not looking at the manual. I bought a 4570 the other day and network scanning works fine, both from the device and from the computer.


    Granted, it is not intuitive, and a bit of a nuisance, that one has to press the "scan" button and select "remote scanning" before one can scan from the computer interface (with MF Toolbox or another application like Preview). Once that step is performed, however, scanning is straightforward.


    As for scanning from the device to a computer, it is no less convenient than any other multifunction I have used. You set up your presets once, in MF Toolbox, and use the appropriate setting at the printer. A couple of button presses. No big deal. This works best for scanning jobs that are fairly consistent (like monochrome multipage documents, etc.) that can be accomodated by the 4 or 5 presets available to be configured, but that's par for the course. If you want custom control over each scan, the computer interface is more suitable. That, again, is the same as any other multifunction I have used.

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    Once again you're missing the issue. The MF Toolbox software does not open on a MacBook OS 10.6.8


    Furthermore, the step with selecting "remote scanning" from the printer interface is one I did take. It did not help the computer recognize the multi-function device.


    To anyone still following this thread I did pick up a Brother Multi-Function after the ordeal with this Canon. It works great.

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    Hi ahbrobot - First, let me share your frustration!


    I have a MF4570d*n* not the dw... And I was dismayed to discover after purchase that while it was advertised as mac compatible, that the manual claims it doesn't support scanning over the network. Indeed, when I called canon to unload on them about it - they confirmed that I would need the MF4570dw if I wanted fancy-pants network scanning on my mac.


    Then I found this thread, downloaded the latest driveres and software, and surely enough, at least on Lion 10.7.3, I have totally functional network scanning.


    On things that are confusing: On the printer, when confronted with the choice between network and computer, counterintuitively, select computer. When I do that (connected over ethernet) I see the Mac with the driver software installed, I select it, set options, and press go. Works perfectly. The other option leaves it in that annoying mode where you go back to the computer and press scan from there.


    Conclusion: Canon technical support is not. Don't blame the techs - apparently Canon has serious product management issues well above the front line.


    Hope this helps someone.

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    The other option leaves it in that annoying mode where you go back to the computer and press scan from there.

    That "annoying mode" is necessary for any scan where you need the computer interface to preview and resize the image, make adjustments, etc.


    The difference between the Canon and most (if not all) other multifunctions is that other multifunctions allow you to scan, using the computer interface, without pressing any buttons on the device or putting it into any mode. The Canon's UI engineering seems, to be frank, seems to be pretty brain-dead in this regard. If I used the scanning feature frequently, like every day, these additional steps would be very annoying and frustrating. For occassional use, however, it's not a big deal.