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Purchased one of the new 17" Mac Book Pro Computers (2.3 GHz & 8GB Ram) about a week ago. It started crashing (Kernel Panic) when Time Machine was creating a backup to my time capsule device (which was bought at the same time). I have since tried backing up to the time capsule via wireless connection, Ethernet connection as well as backing up to a stand-alone USB drive and nothing worked (including deleting the corrupted backup file)

Called Apple Care and they had me try to re-install the operating system and that crashed as well. Today I had the local Apple Store provide me with a new machine (copying all the files off of the original). When I got home, it crashed at the exact same spot while Time Machine was running. Needless to say, I quick zipped back down to the store and dropped the machine off. I even provided an old USB hard drive that they can use to test it as the store doesn't have one available.

Is anyone else having similar problems? It may seem random to you as it was only dumb luck that I noticed the system crashed while Time Machine was running (it had run fine for a few days). What's unique is the the problem is completely (and consistently) reproducible.


MacBook Pro 2011 17", Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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