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Purchased one of the new 17" Mac Book Pro Computers (2.3 GHz & 8GB Ram) about a week ago. It started crashing (Kernel Panic) when Time Machine was creating a backup to my time capsule device (which was bought at the same time). I have since tried backing up to the time capsule via wireless connection, Ethernet connection as well as backing up to a stand-alone USB drive and nothing worked (including deleting the corrupted backup file)

Called Apple Care and they had me try to re-install the operating system and that crashed as well. Today I had the local Apple Store provide me with a new machine (copying all the files off of the original). When I got home, it crashed at the exact same spot while Time Machine was running. Needless to say, I quick zipped back down to the store and dropped the machine off. I even provided an old USB hard drive that they can use to test it as the store doesn't have one available.

Is anyone else having similar problems? It may seem random to you as it was only dumb luck that I noticed the system crashed while Time Machine was running (it had run fine for a few days). What's unique is the the problem is completely (and consistently) reproducible.


MacBook Pro 2011 17", Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    I recieved my 17" MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz & 8GB Ram) yesterday and I've had a series of 5 crashes already. Software is up to date (10.6.6) Although I did not try to back up using time machine, I keep getting a weird slowly descending curtain of shadow and then it says in about 5 different languages to hold down the power button. At first I thought it was a game that I was playing (World of Warcraft) or Logitech Wireless USB mouse, but even when I removed them both from my system, it still crashed. I kept a record of all the crash reports and will attempt to go to the apple store tomorrow. Today, I will attempt to reinstall the OS, hopefully that works. But it seems that we are not the only ones suffering from this crash issue.
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    Also, I did take notice to the excessive heat cause from running my applications (normal). But it might be the link to my crashes?
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    kingwow3 wrote:
    . . .
    I keep getting a weird slowly descending curtain of shadow and then it says in about 5 different languages to hold down the power button.

    That's a *kernel panic.*

    They are usually caused by hardware problems, but can be software.

    If it happens with nothing connected to a brand new Mac, it's almost certainly hardware. Make an appointment:

    If you really want to fool with it yourself, start with this Apple article: [If “You need to restart your computer” appears|].

    More kernel panic info:

    Apple Support - About kernel panic messages
    Mac OS X Kernel Panic FAQ
    The X Lab - Resolving Kernel Panics
    Apple Developer - Technical Note TN2063: Understanding and Debugging Kernel Panics
    Tutorial: Avoiding and eliminating Kernel panics
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    So after over 2 hours on tech support, I have found the problem causing the kernel panics. First, I did an extensive hardware test and found no problems. Then, I erased my entire HD and reinstalled the OS. First thing I did was a software update and guess what, within minutes another kernel panic. Without any other software installed besides the ones that came with the OS, I am determined to say that my *Iphone tethering* internet thru USB is the _source of my kernel panics_. I will be visiting the genius bar today to have the professionals take a closer look and peak at my logs, but I'm absolutely positive I'm right. I have the latest version of iTunes installed so I don't know how to fix this. Is this problem specific to my macbook or is it an issue with all new 2011 MBPs?

    Thanks guys,
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    I have a new MacBook Pro and I am getting crashes under precisely the same circumstances when using iPhone USB tethering. I made an appointment at the Genius Bar. My first Mac was an iMac that I purchased two years back. I love it. MacBook Pro, 3,500 bucks. So disappointed.
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    Ok - I am having the exact same issue. New 2011 MBP, tethering through iPhone 4, Kernel Panic.
    I originally thought it was due to the fact that I applied a time machine backup from my earlier MBP to this new MBP, but after restoring to original factory setting, installing all software from scratch, I was confident the problem had went away.

    Was working on a PPT presentation (office 2011) and listening to some music (streamed through iTunes) over a iPhone 4 personal hotspot connection (via USB) and KABOOM.

    Not sure what do to from here.
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    Don't return your machines. This is a problem that will only be fixed by a software/firmware update. EVERY new MBP will have this problem. CALL APPLE CARE AND RAISE AWARENESS FOR THIS ISSUE.

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    As an update, I am expecting my MacBook to be returned sometime tomorrow. After doing quite a bit of testing, the local Genius believes the problem is software related so they are going to wipe the hard drive and re-install the operating system to see if it resolves the problem. My thought is that something I installed may have triggered the problem as the computer ran fine for several days before crashing. During this period I did a couple of updates using the "Software Update" feature as well as install MS Office 2011, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Light Room 3.3, Wacom graphics tablet utility, Canon Easy PhotoPrint, and iOne Match monitor calibration Software (from X-Rite).

    This time I plan to do things in a systematic order and run a time-machine backup between each step to see if the problem recurs. I will also limit the amount of software installed to the major applications (Office, Photoshop, and Lightroom) in case it was a bad installation that caused the problem.

    I tend to agree with the local Genius that this is a software problem as I don't do any of the intensive graphics gaming that others have reported causing problems.
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    A final update. When the local Genius tried to re-install the operating system, the computer repeatedly failed. He was able to track the problem down to a bad memory (RAM) chip (it had been transferred from the first computer as they were out of stock at the time). Once he replaced the chip, the operating system installed just fine. I have since re-installed all of my software, copied my data files onto the machine, and run time machine three times to do a backup. I even rendered a 1080P slideshow using Adobe Lightroom and all went well. I would say that this problem has been resolved.

    Too bad replacing the RAM chip was the last thing the tech thought of trying. Note that the bad RAM was the 4GB upgrade, not the "base" memory that was installed in the MacBook at the factory.
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    BrianSanAntonio wrote:
    . . .
    Too bad replacing the RAM chip was the last thing the tech thought of trying.

    Yeah, but not too surprising. It sure didn't sound like hardware, and it takes a while to run the tests.

    Anyhow, glad it's sorted out, and thanks for the feedback.
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    I am also getting constant kernel panics when I tether from my Iphone via USB. Its very frustrating. I did all the resets and re-intalls. I have been on the telephone with Apple care and the person helping me states this is an isolated problem. Same thing occurs all the time. I'm so close of returning it.
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    Same thing happening here. I've already changed one MacBook Pro at Apple Store thinking it was a problem with the machine. But on the following day, the same crashes occurred when I plugged my iPhone on the USB. Both MBP and iPhone are totally updated. I tried to solve over the phone with Apple Care and with Genius Bar guy at another Apple Store who said that I have to wait for an update. But I'm so sorry, I'll not wait more than 14 days (limit to return the computer) for an Apple update. If they don't release it during this period, I'll definitely return this MBP and will just buy another after reading at this forum that they solved the problem. So frustrating. Even more because its an Apple device that is causing the Kernel Panic.
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    Same problem when Tethering via USB but also when importing video from the camera. (New 2.2GHz quad core i7 with factory 4GB Ram)
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    Got a new MBP 13, i5 yesterday and only option for network where I am at the moment is tethering with my iPhone. Got 10+ kernel panics yesterday and I have to read these forums on my phone, the MBP is defect and useless. What a shame!

    Right now I wish I didn't wipe and got rid of my old MBP yesterday.
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