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Cornelius Qualley Level 2 (300 points)
Okay, I've noticed this issue for the past few months and it's quite annoying. Every time I restart my machine the progress bar comes up and the computer takes about 2 minutes to get past the Apple logo/progress bar. When I look at the Console it appears that the stall comes right after these three items:

3/8/11 12:16:44 AM com.apple.SecurityServer[35] Session 0x22cf66 dead
3/8/11 12:16:44 AM com.apple.SecurityServer[35] Killing auth hosts
3/8/11 12:16:44 AM com.apple.SecurityServer[35] Session 0x22cf66 destroyed

Then, about 2 minutes later kernel starts and the startup proceeds. Does anyone know what this could mean and how I go about fixing the problem? Thanks for the help!

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  • Matthew Capodarco Level 1 (5 points)

    Sorry I cannot offer a solution, but I am having a similar problem.  My machine starts up just fine with no delay, so I am not expriencing the Apple logo/progress bar delay, but instead when I login to my machine the screen will go black and ask for my username and password a second time.  Also, sometimes after waking from sleep and entering my login credentials, the desktop will so up then go black for a short period before resuming.  My console output also has the three similar entries:


    5/13/11 11:29:21 AM          com.apple.SecurityServer[24]          Session 0x247439 dead

    5/13/11 11:29:21 AM          com.apple.SecurityServer[24]          Killing auth hosts

    5/13/11 11:29:22 AM          com.apple.SecurityServer[24]          Session 0x247439 destroyed



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