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  • rishio Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I had the same problem on my macbook pro 15" that I bought yesterday but through this thread I figured out the problem. On a full charge I was getting 3.5hrs of battery life. As soon as I quit Google Chrome it jumped to 10hrs.

    That ***** - I like chrome. Do you guys think this is a bug or is it just the way it will roll with Chrome in the future?
  • rishio Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    It would be really nice if we can have a "Graphics Card" item in the System Preferences that allows you to put a Graphics Card Icon in the menu bar allowing you to choose 3 things:

    1. Automatic
    2. Integrated Graphics Card
    3. AMD Graphics Card

    That way when we are on the go, we can force the computer to take a performance hit for the sake of battery life - or vice versa when we are plugged in. I don't like being forced in automatic mode.
  • cwthomps Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I would also like to add my 15" 2.3 to the list of deplorable battery performance. I'm on my third day of use and It's been great except for this battery issue. Doing normal web surfing, I'm seeing 2-3 hours of battery time. I've checked for runaway CPU processes, re-calibrated the battery, compared the performance of the discrete versus integrated controller (using gfx CardStatus and verifying their status via System Profiler), etc. All with no improvements.

    I'm not sure it matters, but I have the high-res screen. I would be curious to see a comparison of people on this thread using regular-res versus high-res.
  • rishio Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Same performance on regular resolution screen. If you want longer battery life browsing, just use Safari.
  • Mark White3 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Hi, I have had my Macbook pro 15" early 2011 for two weeks now. For the first week to ten days the battery life was poor but it is getting better the more I use it. I have run the battery down to the warning pop up once and down to 10% three times, the rest of the time I have just topped it up. The first week I was getting between 2 to 3.5 hours of life showing but now I am getting 5.5 to 6 hours showing on a full charge and it still seems to be improving.I am currently at 92% with several apps runnning (mail, safari,itunes and twitterific) and it is showing 5hours 21mins. Hope this helps.
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    Oddly enough, my battery performance made a complete turnaround. About four day from purchase, I went from getting 2 - 3 hours on a charge, to an estimated (via the status bar) seven hours. Very strange. I'm curious to find out what the issue was, as I made no notable adjustments to my overall work-load, app-load, browser preferences, processes, etc.
  • Russ Mellerup Level 1 Level 1 (85 points)
    this is my experience as well
    first 4ish day, the battery life sucked at about 2 hours/charge
    then, a week later it had improved to 7 hours
    now, it seems to be performing as Apple's promised
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    I own 17" 2.3ghz model with 7200rpm disk and had the same feeling about battery life. Today I performed test on my MBP on battery with 2 cycles. Firefox and uTorrent (forced encrypton) was running all the time. Firefox has 5 windows open with approx. 40 tabs. Through WiFi I uploaded cca 3GB of data to another Mac, downloaded 2GB. I burned one DVD and XCode was running for approx 1.5h (coding and compiling small project). I started running on battery 4 hours ago and still have 1:30 to go. That means 5:30 runtime on battery, but under havier conditions than Apple is measuring.


    I run gfxCardStatus set to "Integrated only" if running on battery, fan-control-modded to have second on battery profile, Flash block and AdBlock for Firefox installed as well. Display at "one dot" below the 50%.


    I think, that the runtime is just fine, as promised. It's highly dependent on the running applications - cpu power demand. I still have my older MBP mid-2010 17" i5 2.53ghz model, and MBA. I have never had higher battery uptime than 7.5h on the other models as well. And you have to understand, that running four cores at turbo boost is a different story, than running older C2D or dual cored i5. If an application asks the cpu for its incredible power, cpu will eat the battery literraly in a minute.



  • Steve Shultz Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    This is just an update...I just want to praise Apple tech support, because I phoned in about my poor battery life and they VERY patiently worked through it until we resolved my problem.  I likely spent over 2 hrs on the phone with them.  Now my battery is functioning perfectly normal...the culprit???  It appears like it was the "Menu Meters" app.


    If you are still under tech support coverage, its worth the call...


    If you are running Menu Meters, try uninstalling it and test your battery!

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    I use Chrome as well. Even when I am not using Chrome and I am using Safari, I still have the same issues. I did not have these issues on my previous MBP that was only a year and a half old.

  • Dan the Mac Doc Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    interesting, i'm gonna try to remove Menu Meters and see if that helps.  turning off that along with Synk and Dropbox and then not using Twitter, Chrome, or other apps that force me into using the discrete graphics should help.  as i type this, i'm on a "full" battery (of 96%) with just Safari open, connected via WiFi, and am showing 7+ hours of remaining battery life.  if this works, getting rid of Menu Meters is a great tip!!!  (but i'll miss its functionality and oddly soothing graphical blips)

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    Dan, maybe it's time for you to switch over to iStat Menus. I was using it during my test and found no issues.

  • alexfrombrooklyn Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes - I'm getting about 2-3 hours real life usage as well. 


    The only time I've ever seen the battery indicator hit 7.00 was fully charged doing some non-Flash browsing in Safari.  Almost anything else I do (Media Browsing, Pages, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Garageband or XCode) brings the time down to 2-3 hours.


    It's all very well to say: if you only do *this* or if you turn off *this* then your battery life will be 7 hours.  I don't want to constantly think about how to optimize my battery life while working.  In real terms, this seems like a significant step back from my previous MacBook Pro which got 3-4 hours in real world tasks.


    I've owned 5 other Mac portables and have not experienced such a dramatic drop off between the 'very light browsing' battery life and the actual battery life. 


    If the GPU is the culprit then Apple seriously needs to offer some simple way to manage it. 

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    This is hilarious. This reminds of Apple's suggestions for improving the battery life on an iPhone - - which is essentially saying turn your smartphone into a brick and you will have great battery life.


    I'm seriously considering buying a MacBook Pro 13" - it will be my first Mac but the battery nonsense is annoying me. The big reason to get MBP is the "great" battery life but if I have to turn off all the good stuff - no Adobe flash, everytime you see a flash video, open it in Chrome, remove this app, turnoff that app.


    Wow, what a laundry list. Why don't I just buy a Windows PC and run Ubuntu on it and save major $s too?


    Apple claims how superior their products are but if everything comes with a caveat, it's useless. I really want to try a Mac but someone please convince me money spent on Mac is actually worth something. Without superior hardware, Mac is just as good or bad as Windows. I can also "hackintosh" my PC.

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    This is frustrating me as well. I bought my MacBook Pro on launch day, got it at the beginning of March, and have loved it, except for this **** battery life. I have reset my laptop's SMC (which helps for a day or so, but then reverts back to regular) several times, calibrated the battery at least four times, and even got the battery replaced! After all of this I still have this battery issue. At 100%, it only will give me about 1:50, and that's at half brightness, with nothing running. I've been reading the rest of the posts, and I'm using Safari, and have a high-res screen, if that makes a difference. I use this for school, and can't possibly charge my laptop in every single class, most of which I don't even sit by a plug. Can anyone help me, or should I just see if Apple will send me a new computer, and see if I can get a laptop from the "good" battery shipment?