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Hi guys,
I know this was covered in another thread a few months back but didn't know if there was any new info with the Ipad 2 update. I'd love to be able to use an IPad 2 for Mainstage—*or something like it*—to run my live setup (just me and a keyboard midi controller).

Does anyone have any stats/info on whether apps like the new Garageband can be rejiggered into some kind of replacement for Mainstage? I'm aware of all the hardware adapters out there to make Midi controllers work. Just wondering if there are any software synths right now that would do a decent job replicating what Mainstage does. It's the only thing holding me back from moving to an IPad.


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    yes this is a good question - with the A5 cpu and the likes of korg making full apps how far away from using the iPad as a full useable live rig?

    i know Akai are starting to make things which take us down that path ....


    would be intresting to know if anyone already has an iPad doing the job of mainstage


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    Great question Josh! Anyone?
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    I currently use an iPad (original) to handle any iTunes DJ'ing I might be called upon to do. AFIK, MainStage is a standalone app that comes with Logic Studio, and it would have to be "downsized" to run on an iPad/2, just like GarageBand has been migrated to the iPad/2.

    In order for "MainStage for iPad" to be useful, it should enable AU plugins, as in the current configuration. I don't see this capability as yet. Who knows? Maybe Apple will migrate the app and enable this; or a 3rd party will step up to the plate.

    I'm currently investigating using a MacBook Air for MainStage performance, etc. I know of one artist who is currently using this as his setup on stage (Cellist Peter Gregson - www.petergregson.co.uk).

    I need to load Ivory and a number of other plugins, and I'm currently using a MacBook Pro. For now, the iPad/2 is not viable. Maybe some time in the future?

    All the best...

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    Short answer.

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    I've got a good idea: iPad as a control surface for Mainstage. That way I can keep my iPad on my music stand and don't have to fuss with my laptop on stage...
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    it depends how complex your music is,

    are you using lots of instruments that needs AU,?

    i use my ipad only just for live performance, which is i run my sample in ipad, combine with my sets,

    many person outhere create they own music with ipad, they provided the tutorial also (create full complete tracks in ipad)


    ipad could control software synth like spectrasonics omnisphere v1.5,

    if you think to replace your midi with ipad, better not mate, its totally different, midi is more velocity sensitive even an application in ipad i think could not replace midi,

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    <I've got a good idea: iPad as a control surface for Mainstage. That way I can keep my iPad on my music stand and don't have to fuss with my laptop on stage...


    Well, I don't really need to do anything with my MBP after I turn it on, but yeah. . . it would be cool hook an ipad to it that has a full complement of touch-control sliders, knobs and buttons. So, now you no longer require a controller-laden keyboard, your $300 Privia (or any other keyboard you have hanging around) will do just fine.