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Now when I really need the backup, I keep getting the message that there isn't enough free space to do a restore of a volume. So, I went so far as to erase the disk and try to restore from the time machine disk again, and AGAIN I GET THIS INSANE MESSAGE. The failures of this system have ow cascaded into MacHell and I'm sitting around waiting for the computer to deteremine yet again that it can't do what I need done. I've rerased a 1g disc to restore a 700 gigs of data from the Time Machine backup disc, and this is what I get: The item “smallfavor_SL” can’t be copied because there isn’t enough free space.


MacPro 2.6, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    How large is your hard drive and how much space is left?
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    How are you doing this restore? If from the "Star Wars" window, that's the problem. You can't restore your OSX volume on top of the volume you're running from, and for some reason if you tell Time Machine to do that, it will (try to) put everything in a folder in your (hidden) /Volumes folder.

    To do a full system restore see #14 in [Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions|http://web.me.com/pondini/Time_Machine/FAQ.html] (or use the link in *User Tips* at the top of this forum).

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