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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has heard of a new Iphone comming out.
It seems like Apple corp bring out new phones around may or june.

So just wondering if there are any leaks about a newer version of the Iphone?
Maybe one that does 4g?

Also when it would be estimated to be released.


  • paulcb Level 6 Level 6 (19,100 points)
    Only Apple knows when the next one is but they've released one every summer for the past 4 years.

    We won't know what the actual device will have until Apple announces. Up until then, everything you read on the web is pure speculation... Apple is very secretive about their new products.
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    Ok thanks for the repley.

    So no word so far.

    I have had my Iphone 4 since about September and i love it.

    The reason i asked about the new Iphone was that if it only adds 4g to the current iphone. I will wait till the next year.

    My friend has a really nice Android phone. its called the EVO.
    He has 4g with it, but whenever he turns on the 4g antenna it says connecting to network, then disconects. Only once in about 10 tries does he acctually have enough of a signal for it to work well.

    The 4g coverage here in L.A county is horrible. He stays on 3g about 90% of the time. So anyway.

    Thanks again!
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    keep in mind the evo is on sprint and the 4g on sprint isnt going to be the same as the 4g on at&t there 2 different networks and there going to run differently