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Does anyone have any idea how to decode the new Verizon iphone serial number? All kinds of nonsense on the net, but none is true. I already had to exchange my two weeks old iphone with a new one, and want to make sure they did not give me a refurb. Thanks.

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    All the ** you've read on the net before regarding decoding the serial number on iPhones, iPods, to see if they gave you a refurb is just that, **. IF there even is a difference in the serial number it would indicate it was a service replacement (and even that is not a sure bet), and you can't differentiate if it is a "new" service replacement (which it can be, direct from China) or a "refurb" service replacement, which would be one that was checked and completely rebuilt in the US.

    If you had to replace it within the 30 day window, and it came in the same box as your original iPhone, it is definitely new. Considering it is a VZW iPhone there probably aren't' any refurb service replacements available at this time.