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    This is for iPad, but I'm sure our new MBP's will work just as good

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    I've tried the latest developer build of 10.6.8 but the ping issue is still there.

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    Constantly in Email communication to a person in Customer Services of Apple for Post Sales Support, lets Hope we get something out of it..


    I was actually looking for ways to send direct feedback to the developers' or technical team of MAC OSX for this, as they are the prime people who can actually look into the issues that we are facing.


    I hope they read these threads, but sending them direct emails on their official email ids, might rather prove more beneficial!


    What say.. Do let me know if anyone has their email address or if you can yourselves email them! Infact if you have their email address, post it here. so that if anyone wants to in future email them in regards to issues, they can directly reach them!

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    Wasn't a good one though..


    Atleast not for those, who are Macbook Lovers... (Although I am not one still, as I am yet to get first one of mine). But still, I have a feel that Apple is all about culture, they are Humans, and think about customers, they are seriously scared of loosing customer base as their market share is still below 10% in computer Consumer Market, so that is something of a very high benefit to Apple Users.


    On the other side, Windows, as it has over 75% of current Market share, all it looks for is.. MONEYYY... Its ridiculous. I have been a user of Windows for about 10 years now.. And really.... I have been eagerly waiting for my first ever MAC as soon as possible! Its tough to be with Windows without being a victim of something or else everytime you go out and buy a laptop which has its OS in it.

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    My Airport extreme"card" on a Mac Book Pro brand new from December 2010 running OS X 10.6.7 is not behaving as top wireless material:


    1 The 2 years old Dell latitude gets better signal .... (I think they are both Broadcom ...)

    2 Sometimes it cannot see the network

    3 or cannot connect due to past delays

    4 or often looses it

    5 and most anoyingly it keeps asking me the password for it eventhough the "memorise the network" is checked ...(sometimes it doesn't ask and sometimes it does ...????)


    so seing all the other problems in this discussion Apple needs to have a serious upgrade/update of the firmware and stuff ..


    works well 1 metre away from the wireless routeur .... I think I have a cable in a draw!



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    Hello DidierLL,


    Many thanks for your response. I would be grateful if you can post this query on the below mentioned link:



    I am kind of trying to ask more and more people post their troubles on that link, so that we can have these two major troubles sorted out by next update, as if you read the comments posted by users, they are not facing these troubles when it comes to Windows Operating system on the Macbook, they are only facing this problem on MAC OS X, this looks like kind of some MAC OS X development glitch, feels like Apple is in a way too rush to catch up with the huge variety of Windows Operating systems out there in Market to get more and more customer base, but I am sure that Apple knows it very well that its the Culture, the humanitarian nature that attracts people to stick to Apple, otherwise more good looking and fancy laptops are easily available out there in market at a better price that what Apple is offering.


    So if we just gather up and start posting our feedbacks on the link above, to grab the atteniton of the developers' team, I am sure we are going to get some juice out of it, if not all, even a small thing would help, least you can do it, open that link and copy and paste your same post as it is in the feedback form and fill in some basic details like Name and Email address and submit it off. That's it! Won't take you more than 2 mins I reckon.


    Thanks in anticipation. All I mean is to have a good experience for the kind of trust and money we have put in Apple Products!



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    When I'm connected to Wi-Fi and I try to load a video like on youtube or try downloading anything, it works for 30 seconds then the internet is cut off. The Internet light on the modem goes red and after 3-5 minutes it starts working again.I tryed other Wi-Fi spots and the same thing happens. I thought it was the router but other devices work fine like my iPhone 4 and other computers. Maybe someone might know how to solve this problem.


    Thanks for the help !






    Mac Book Pro 13' (bought in Febuary 2011)

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    just did ...

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    Just posted to


    Hope they'll pay some attention


    By the way here are some ping results about 5 meters away from my router, just for the archive:


    Ping to my router:


    --- ping statistics ---

    20 packets transmitted, 20 packets received, 0.0% packet loss

    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 4.173/8.553/15.816/2.643 ms


    Ping to


    --- ping statistics ---

    20 packets transmitted, 20 packets received, 0.0% packet loss

    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 124.731/126.194/129.101/1.101 ms


    Now trying to stream a video on youtube, load my feeds on google reader and also load

    Everything is stuck and the ping goes like:


    Ping to my router:


    --- ping statistics ---

    20 packets transmitted, 17 packets received, 15.0% packet loss

    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 5.637/12.136/26.622/5.130 ms


    Ping to


    --- ping statistics ---

    20 packets transmitted, 19 packets received, 5.0% packet loss

    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 123.127/129.958/164.887/9.754 ms



    I'm using 10.6.7 on a 2011 15" base model


    Router: Dlink 2640-R, WPA2 personal, channel 11, only g mode, latest firmware.

    Have tried every router calibration mentioned in this thread but no luck.


    Just mentioning this in order not to get any responses having to do with my router.


    It is not a router problem and even if it was one, what on earth would I do when I'm at my University or cafeteria or friends house or airport etc ? Dead end....

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    Hope so precisely detailed messages like this will really Attract their attention.


    Thanks panos_.

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    Dear Macbook users,


    I have the same problem as described in the above: I am dropping connections like crazy, both at work (using wireless via Eduroam) and at home (Belkin N+ router). The only way to get my connection back up is by restarting Airport. This is a pain in the ***, especially when watching streaming videos (youtube) or downloading files (from servers without resume options, like rapidshare). I have not tested my latencies yet.


    A few details that make me wonder:

    - At work my connection drops a lot more than at home.

    - I was intrigued by the remarks about itunes: when running it (and listening music by using it) my connection seems to be more stable, but I am not sure if this is coincidental or not.


    Hope Apple manages to fix this.


    Message was edited by: Spinoza2012 --> Just adding: ordered my MBP from the online Apple store, februari 2011.

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    Hey there, Thanks Spinoza2012,


    Please don't forget to email all this at:


    Let Developers hear you so that they can act more easily, as it is surely tough enough to just go through every single query on every single discussion here and act to it.. So I reckon, this link might help all of us much sooner!


    Thanks again... Cheers! Hope your trouble gets sorted out soon!

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    Just for comparison's sake, here are some recent results from my early '11 MacBook Pro (15" HR AG, 2.3 GHz quad i7, 8GB RAM); I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8 build 10K524:



    Ping to my router (2.4GHz wireless G):

    --- ping statistics ---

    21 packets transmitted, 21 packets received, 0.0% packetloss

    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 0.742/3.040/3.669/0.778 ms


    Ping to Google (2.4GHz wireless G):

    --- ping statistics ---

    21 packets transmitted, 21 packets received, 0.0% packetloss

    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 18.829/21.066/22.492/0.848ms


    Ping to my router (5GHz wireless N):

    --- ping statistics ---

    24 packets transmitted, 24 packets received, 0.0% packetloss

    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 0.764/3.368/4.139/0.859 ms


    Ping to Google (5GHz wireless N):

    --- ping statistics ---

    23 packets transmitted, 23 packets received, 0.0% packetloss

    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 18.071/20.511/22.332/1.366ms



    My router is a late-2009 Airport Extreme Base Station (the most current version).  My ping instabilities seemed to cease once I grabbed the 10.6.7 MBP update distributed through Software Update, but it's possible that 10.6.8 might have improved things a tad bit more.


    One more interesting thing...unless my MacBook Pro is closed/sleeping, I never see a 450Mbps link speed between my router and my MBP -- the signal-to-noise ratio is too low when the computer is actually in use.  This is a bit disappointing since the hardware is capable (3x3 MIMO antennas in both router and MBP) of a 450Mbps connection speed but I'm not seeing it.  I bet I'll see a 450Mbps link with my new iMac once it arrives...


    Oh MBP is one floor above my router but it's more-or-less directly above it.

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    Only thing is my router isn't old! Already had to replace compatible speakers...GRRRR

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    I wouldn't! I would take it back ( if they would let me )

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