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I purchased a Bluetooth Keyboard for my Mac Mini and it was working fine until I started using a USB wireless trackball I purchased later. Now my keyboard seems to be losing connectivity every 30 secs or so. Is there any way I can troubleshoot this? Is it likely my trackball is interfering or just co-incidental?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    bsfskhfas;hs wrote:
    I started using a USB wireless trackball I purchased

    USB or Wireless?

    * First thing to do, check the batteries in the keyboard. Replace with fresh ones just for testing (even if your others seem okay, you can always swap back later).
    * Try using the keyboard without the trackball. See if it still does it? If it does it may be the Keyboards fault? Try it on a different Mac.
    * If it doesn't do it, try using it again with the Trackball. If it does it then, it's likely an issue between the two of them.
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    It could be coincidental, and its easy enough to eliminate the USB dongle based wireless trackball as the cause. Simply unplug the USB dongle and use a regular USB mouse or trackball, and see if the keyboard still has issues.

    Assuming you've already made sure your batteries are fresh in the keyboard, have you checked Console for anything? Did you recently apply any Software Updates, like going from 10.5.6 to .7 or .8? Those updates caused a failure of proper support of some Bluetooth chipsets, resulting in behaviors like you describe. (I know this personally, the update broke support for my BT mouse.)
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    Thanks. It appears my batteries were to blame, as a fresh set seems to have fixed this. Strange, as I've only had the keyboard about a week and was using the batteries that came with it.
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    You can't be sure how long that keyboard has been sitting in the store. Maybe it's been there a while and the batteries depreciated.
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    I don't think it's the batteries after all. I'm still having problems with this and also with a Trackpad I bought at the same time. (See other post.)