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Searched for this topic, found lots of similar but nothing exactly the same.

1. Open iTunes (
2. Connect iPod (OS 4.1 8B117)
3. iPod touch shows up in the list of devices
4. Get a message, that new iPod software is available, I click Cancel
5. Syncing "iPod touch" Starting sync message appears
6. Syncing "iPod touch" (Step 1 of 1) message appears. Syncing screen on iPod appears with slide to cancel.
7. iPod returns to list of apps and iTunes stops the sync without any messages
8. Click Sync again and same thing happens again

Some background...

Successfully synced iPod before, but have reformatted my PC since that sync. Reinstalled iTunes and authorized my PC with the same iTunes account.

Have tried this sync on both my Dell Win7 (64-bit) and on a Desktop WinXP (32-bit) with the exact same results.

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Dell Latitude, Windows 7, 64-bit