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    I just solved my problem here.

    IPad 2 was frozen with the apple logo and progress bar, during iOS5 update, using Windows 7 64bit.


    I pulled the cable - that's when I started looking around for solutions.

    Hard Reset the iPad - press and hold power and menu buttons for about 7 seconds. Fortunately it worked, going back to factory settings (awaiting to be plugged to iTunes)


    Updated the iTunes SW.


    Entered my Firewall suite settings (Avast 6) and disabled both firewall and real-time shields.

    Plugged the iPad to a single USB port (not a hub).


    This time iTunes recognized it, restored the backup and applied the update.

    All good.


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    Same problem my Ipad 3 showing like this.....

    Ipad 3 update error.bmp

    I tried to reboot many times still the updates error appears.. Downloaded latest itunes, restore settings still not working... pls give me feedback for this issue...... thanks....

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    Guys I just solved the problem !

    iPad crashed during OS update and now iTunes can't restore

    befre look like this...

    Ipad 3 update error.bmp

    What I did, I tried to black out( totally) the screen of my ipad and then connect my ipad usb chord to itunes. And when u connect the chord to ur laptop make sure it will not show the USB CONNECTOR AND ITUNES LOGO to ur Ipad screen. then click the RESTORE button from ur itunes. Wait till the restore software updates complete, it will take like 4 to 5 hrs waiting... be patience.....


    To black out the screen - press the home screen button and hold the power button together.


    Any question u can send it to my email


    God bless...

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