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With iOS 4.2, I was able to sync my entire Aperture photo library to my iPad and still had about 3GB to spare on it. It's a 32GB iPad. If I recall correctly, the photos took up about 6GB on it. After updating to 4.3 today, iTunes is telling me that it can not sync my photos to it because there is not enough space.

How can this be? I had been syncing the entire library before with 4.2. OK, maybe Apple is optimizing the photos differently for 4.3 and they need more space, I don't know. I went ahead and cleared out all my video I had synced there along with some other stuff and freed up over 20GB of space which is available. Yet iTunes is still saying there's not enough space. How can this be? There was space with iOS 4.2, but not with 4.3. With 4.2 I had a few GB to spare even with my entire photo library synced. Now I freed up over 20GB and it's telling me it can not sync my photos.

So now I am going to try to selectively sync photos to my iPad instead of choosing the option to sync them all. I still don't understand why I was able to sync them all under 4.2, but not 4.3.

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    Try deleting the photo cache, instructions at this link.


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    OK, I got it to work. Here is what I did.

    First it seems that iTunes is over-estimating the size of the photo library before it re-optimizes it. I have 17k of photos that I sync. It was reporting it would need in excess of 30GB of space to sync it (actually it only reports that there's not enough space, it doesn't give you actual numbers, but I was able to calculate them).

    So I cleared off all my videos from my iPad and whatever photos iTunes did sync to it and thus I had just over 20 GB free. Still wasn't enough space to sync my photos iTunes would report.

    I know previously that my photos fit on my iPad under iOS 4.2 and even if Apple has changed the optimization process resulting in larger image files, I can't believe they would be 5x larger. So I decided to sync just a fraction of my photos. I synced about a third of my photos. iTunes reported that it would be using 10.5 GB of space for those photos. But once it optimized them and synced them to my iPad, it was less than 2GB of space. So I knew I would be able to fit them all, it is just that iTunes is over-estimating the size.

    After a third of my photos were already synced to my iPad, now iTunes was reporting it would need 16.5GB for my entire library. I synced it.

    In the end, I was able to sync my entire photo library back to my iPad and the resulting space used for it is 5.8 GB, not over 30GB as iTunes was estimating originally.

    So if anyone else is having this issue, try clearing out some space on your iPad, and then syncing only a fraction of your library (a third or half) after that, then try syncing your entire library again. Once you do, you can put back media that you cleared out to make space.

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    Thanks… but I didn't need to clear the cache, but it is good to know about it though.

    I just posted what I did to solve my problem.
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    Hi Louis (nice name),

    I had the same experience. Luckily for me I have a 64GB iPad. So despite being told by iTunes during the optimization process that I had about 18 GB of pictures (I too thought at the time that perhaps iOS 4.3 was creating much larger picture files during the optimization process for some reason because this was about twice the size of my picture file before updating to iOS 4.3), I didn't have to remove anything and do things piecemeal as you were forced to do. All my pictures successfully optimized and downloaded in one swoop because I had the space. Then, BOOM, the size of my picture file in my iPad went down from 18GB to around 9GB once the sync was complete. So, I'd say this is a little bug in 4.3 that probably deserves reporting to Apple via their Feedback process. In the meantime, for those experiencing this same behavior, your solution seems quite clever and effective. Of course, for those of us with big, honkin' 64 GB iPad memories we might be able to get by without your clever strategy.

    Cheers, Mr. Luigi
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    I had the same issue when I first got my iPad, which was on iOS 3.x (can't remember the exact version). I don't think the issue is do with 4.3, just an old issue which appears to have resurfaced as 4.3 seems to force a resync of all photos.
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    I have had the same problem early on with iPad and then recently with the system upgrade and having to resynch the whole photo library. I took my cue from other posters who suggested synching a few albums/events at a time. That worked and allowed me to stumble upon what had been causing the problem - at least for me, and maybe for others. It turns out I had a single album containing a single huge file (128MB) that had been created by merging two very high res scans in Photoshop . Whenever I included this album as one of several to be synched, I got the "not enough memory" message. By unselecting this album I could then select as many others as I liked (containing "regular" photo files) and synch many hundreds of photos at once. The inference is that if you are selecting your entire library to synch and there is one giant file lurking in amongst all the normal photos, perhaps this is causing the problem you have been having. Do you have some panorama photomerges of multiple high res images, for example? If so, de-select those and then see if synching the rest of the library goes any better.