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I Don't know if i'm posting this in the right place? but I Took a chance? The other week I Bought a Video Game witch I Enjoy Playing it's called Asphalt 6 Adrenaline, I Bought it at The Mac App Store, I Have this Game & I Enjoy it but in Asphalt 6 Adrenaline they have a Stage in The Game called Nassau Drift, & I Wanted to see if Anybody else here has this Game? cause in this Stage/Part of the Game is Very Hard/Difficult to Win, I Played it many times & I Can't Win in that part of the game but i'm doing everything right, does anybody here who has Asphalt 6 Adrenaline know how to Beat The Stage Nassau Drift? cause it is Very Hard & I Don't know if I Was suppose to post this here?, cause it was in The Apple Mac App Store & I Bought it & I Tried to look up this Game to see if I Can Win this Game but No Luck so I Posted here & there website don't have no message boards?

I Have a 24inch Apple iMac Computer, Apple iPod Classic 160GB, Apple iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.6.5), Monday July 27th 2009, I Bought A 24inch Apple iMac Computer @ The Apple Store
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    Here's a good resource for Mac games:


    You'll find links to forums, walkthroughs in some cases, as well as cheats.

    From the looks of this it is an iPad and iPhone app, and not a Mac app.
    And it is not published by Apple. You really need to look at the Mac gaming sites*:


    And read this tip about what this board is for:

    - * Links to my pages may give me compensation.
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    thanks for the help & I Know this game was not published by Apple, it's published by Gameloft but they have it at The Mac App Store, it's an Amazing game to, I Love it but thank you for the Help, I Only wanted to see if anybody has this game if they knew how to play it? & get help on Winning The Game? thats all.
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    a lot of these games are designed on purpose so very few people can actually win - that makes people keep playing because they want to win! So they make it really hard - I would probably never win! Because I'd give up - so keep at it; at some point you may get past this stage.
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    a brody wrote:

    From the looks of this it is an iPad and iPhone app, and not a Mac app.
    And it is not published by Apple. You really need to look at the Mac gaming sites*:

    actually, adrenaline is on both the MacAppStore and the iOS App Store
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    Thanks. You can't just go based on first page of Google search. If I was paid for this, I'd probably have time to do more of a search more often!
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    Very True, there is a way to get past this stage, maybe they also need an Update to, I Have played Video Games like this 1 many years in My life even on Nintendo & Super Nintendo & Asphalt 6 Adrenaline is a real Good Game i'm Addicted to playing, it works very well on My iMac, I Love The Cars, I Even go to Car Show Events in Person, I Seen Cars like what they have in this Game up close & in person.
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    Cool! Oh, and I forgot to add something in my last post: just think about the name of the game - it includes the word: Adrenaline. You know what that means, right? So, they want you to keep trying and pump up the adrenaline....
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    yes I Know but it depends if the game is hard & Challenging? remember it's a Video Game, Some Games are Hard, they also mite need an Update, I Know that will happen again at some point to make the game Easy, I Contacted them & told them to get an Update for it, I Was not the only 1 though, I Seen others Comment on it.
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    hi i think i have find the solution for your problems, i was having same problem on the same stage nassau drift all you need to do is you have to upgrade your call first and race on maximum speed as possible so you can finish within the limit, now most important part when you reach corners you need to break same time with steering that will give you the drift and you'll pass the stage. enjoy
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    I'm enjoying this game from the App Store on my Macbook Pro. I also have not won a "drift" race. It's way difficult. I'm not sure, but I may have a game problem. I earned 28 stars (or points) and unlocked several cars and upgrades. After winning MANY more races and stars, I noticed no more unlocked cars and upgrades. I'm still at 28 stars. Anyone know what's going on? Have I got a "glitch'? Is it because I've won many other events but not "drift"? Thanks.
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    Actually it's easy to win in this game... It took me about 10 hours to unlock every car and track. And I'm not that good of a player...


    In every drift-game (such as Nassau Drift, but thats just the drift game in the Nassau map) your objective is to earn enough points drifting, and (but not only) finishing in time.

    To drift, you press the brakes and, on the same time, you press turn (lift or right). The car will go into a sideways slip, also verry usefull in more difficult races and corners.

    The longer you stay in the drift, the more points you gain. You can see how many points you've won in the top of the screen.


    I think that would be the problem whit this stage, that you have...

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    It`s a drift level .No need for speed but you gain points by drifting in the curves (hit the breaks and drift) to stop the drift hit breaks again .Took me ages to find out it`s quite easy actually .

    Drifting would you best be described as a controlled slide across a car and is the ultimate form of vehicle control.The driver controls the car in one smooth motion across sliding through a corner.It sounds simple but it certainly is not.

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    Hello,you may watch this video(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAsWRvwdiX0)made by me

    Hope it helps you very much

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    I have a similar problem, except that I'm at 200 points and 100% career completion.  For some reason I can't seem to accrue any more points!  I have no choice but to go back and re-race many of the tracks, and even though I keep winning, my points will not go above 200.


    Is this how the game is intended to work, or is it a bug?  Very frustrating to be so close to unlocking all the cars.  Thanks for any ideas.  This is on iPad, by the way.