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I have just updated both my iPad and Apple TV to the latest 4.3 and 4.2 software, respectively. I can stream content to my iPad from my computer using Home sharing with no issue, but when I try to play a video podcast from my computer to the Apple TV through my iPad, I get audio only, no video. The video stays on my iPad, but the audio goes to my Apple TV.

If I transfer (through iTunes) the same podcast to my iPad and stream directly from my iPad to the Apple TV, I get audio and video. Any ideas? I thought one of the additions to this new update was to allow you to stream from your computer through your iOS device to the apple tv? Please help. Thank you.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • frviana Level 1 Level 1
    I have had the same issue when trying to stream videos from Websites. It streams audio only with a few sites/videos working. Eg. Vimeo most videos works, all Apple videos works of course. CNN some works some don't.

    I think that means that Apple didn't enable all type of videos and there should be some serious limitations.
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    Since the AppleTV directly supports Home Sharing, streaming video through an iOS device using Home Sharing does not appear to be supported (though audio is supported through Airplay as before.) If the content is synced to the iOS device, then Airplay will stream video from an iOS device to AppleTV.
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    Could not agree more. There's no point in delivering 2 days early if the update is not correct. If by airplay enhancements, they mean worse than before, they have done a top job. The whole, and expensive attraction of apple is that it "just works". I'm afraid this doesn't. My family were thrilled to here the sound from the movie trailer only I could see on my ipad as the sound filled the room. Sort it please.
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    Just Unstable. Ok, after some frustrating playing around I stumbled on a bizarre fix. If you stream a video from ipad to tv from your video app it should play both video and audio. If you then tap done and move straight to a third party app, I wanted to play my child the Big Bunny movie from the app, it let me stream audio and video. If I then go back to the Big Bunny app menu and play the trailer for example, only the audio streams to tv. If I go back to the video app and stream a few seconds of a video, tap done and return to the Big Bunny app, I can stream audio and video once more.
    What I find annoying is that each little tweak to fix small avoidable errors uses about 1.8 GB to update my ipad and iphones.
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    You are talking rubbish, it does not require 1.8 GB to update your devices.
  • 1st Gen Jobs Level 1 Level 1
    Simple maths Ian, you may know it as adding up. Three different devices each requiring separate updates of 600MB. Seemples.
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 Level 6
    Each update replacing the version for each device replacing the version that existed before, no more space used at all - simple.

    I could see the old version of the iPad and iPhone updaters in my trash as soon as I downloaded the new versions, once the trash was emptied, boom, disk space back to same as before.
  • 1st Gen Jobs Level 1 Level 1
    Ian, I was talking about the 1.8GB download that is required each time. Not memory use.
  • TyLaw Level 1 Level 1
    Correct, since Apple TV can stream movies directly from the computer, you cannot play from the computer through the iPad to the TV, at least now when I try. Thanks for everyone's input!