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keraunoscopia Level 1 (25 points)
I think it was on System 6 that I made an animation using HyperCard when I was a kid. But I saved it with a password. It's a long shot—and definitely not a priority in my life lol—but is there a way to crack this thing so I can watch the little animation again? I figure a password-protected app in those days can't be that complex, but then again... it's also older software.

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  • Appaloosa mac man Level 5 (4,330 points)

    Was it a hypercard password or a system password? If it was a system password, try booting from an external hard drive that is not password protected. That will let you see the files on the internal drive.

  • keraunoscopia Level 1 (25 points)
    It was a HyperCard password, specific to the actual file. I could use HyperCard for any other file, but that one wouldn't open without a password. Incredibly, I remember the old password, but I'm pretty sure I changed it.
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    I seem to remember some sort of HyperCard Stack Unprotect XCMD (another stack), shareware or freeware, legal or not, from the time. Never had a need of it and all my stuff is in transit so I can't search for it in my stash. Try Google (with "HyperCard Stack Unprotect XCMD"). No promises of success, and please be clever enough to try on a COPY of your stack - you most certainly are clever enough, but there invariably is someone who won't bother and hoses their only copy of the important stack.
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    Excellent advice, thank you! It will be a while before I can see if this works (weeks or maybe longer). We'll see!
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    Oddly enough, I was in the exact same situation as you a few weeks ago. Stack password protected as a kid, didn't remember the password.


    I did try two HyperCard stacks that claim to unlock password protected stacks: Unprotect XCMD and Deprotect. Neither worked. My stack was an HyperCard 1.0 stack with read protection (meaning it asks for a password right when you open the stack, won't open without the correct pass). I believe these two stacks only deal with other kinds of password protections that let you open the stack but not view/edit scripts, for example.


    All a read protection does is scramble the header of the HyperCard stack a little bit. With some help of files I found on the Internet, I figured out how to rewrite the header of a stack well enough so I could open the stack again. I I did have to reverse the checksum that shows up in HyperCard 1 stacks, myself though, it wasn't described.


    I wrote a little program to help me rewrite the checksum field, but I edited the other fields on my stack manually (since I wasn't planning to open any other stack). I can write a program to do that automatically, though. Can you tell me if the format of your stack is HyperCard 1 or 2?