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Since I've installed iOS 4.3 my iPod Touch 4 (only about 8 months old & perfect condition) has been acting strange. It's hard to describe this issue but I've noticed little glitches here and there with some of the artwork/graphics of the OS.

For example when my iPod is locked, on the locked screen at the top (menu bar) the lock icon becomes snowy/glitchy. I've had this happen when notifications pop up there is a background outline of a square that is also snowy.

The graphics for some reason have a snowy and animated outline. This iPod is not hacked or dropped or anything I don't understand why this is happening. I've turned it off and turned it back on and still having the issue.

It is NOT a major issue, it is odd though and having issues with the display on this type of device still can't be a good sign right? I've never seen this anywhere before so I thought I'd ask on here. It does go away after a few seconds.

Here are some photos I made in Photoshop to simulate what I mean. Notice the static "noise" around the icons. Sometimes they actually flicker in an animated motion and are even bigger at times. This has only happened with pop up notifications and the lock icon as simulated. This has only happened when the device is sleep and I press the home button to find it spazzing out. It's always random, which is why I have no actual photos. When it did happen (about 4 times this evening so far) it was idle for about an hour or so until I bothered with it. If I messed with it after being idle after maybe 5-30 minutes it's normal. Other than that this issue never happens and I've a heavy user of the iPod. Here are the photos:

Help please

iOS 4
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